Brunch Vibes

Before we jump into this post. Can we talk about how clever the title is for a second 😂😂. I know it seems so basic in a sense, but you guys won’t understand how hard it actually is for me to come up with blog titles. I can write a post I consider good and be completely blank on the title. So I'm proud of this one because I was trying to figure out a way to tye in a good brunch spot, combined with a couple fashion looks from a recent shoot. After I started typing, it automatically popped into my head “Brunch Vibes” and that’s how this one came about haha. 
For those of you who don’t know exactly what brunch is. Just imagine sleeping in on the weekend and waking up to it being close to noon, your hungry and don’t know whether to eat breakfast or lunch. Well, that’s pretty much what “brunch” is. A word that describes breakfast and lunch, smashed into one. Although breakfast is known as one of the most important meals of the day, sometimes, especially after a day/night before, long week of work, or you're like me and just don’t like waking up to an alarm on your off days. You need a good brunch meal to hit the spot when your up. Now brunch doesn’t necessarily have to be eating breakfast at lunchtime, you can also have lunch meals during brunch time as well. But the idea of it is to incorporate a breakfast meal during the time of lunch. 

While this post is catered to an amazing brunch spot. I had an extremely stunning photoshoot with one of my favorite photographers. Lately, I’ve been trying to do my photoshoots and blog topics together so I decided I’d also include some super cute brunch looks that would help you achieve the ultimate “Brunch Vibe”. Whether it’s brunch with your girls to catch up and hang out, a family brunch or a brunch date with your significant other. These two looks can just about cater to all brunch outings. But before we get into those looks, let’s talk about a delicious brunch spot I’ve attended in Atlanta that I absolutely loved. It was a cafe called Another Broken Egg Café. The food was super yummy and I thought it was the perfect place for a chilled, relaxing brunch. Not only did it bring back a hint of New Orleans with the beignets, but it was also very classy and upscale. When first arriving and sitting down, they ask you if you’ve ever eaten at the cafe prior to the time your there. For me, I answered that it was my first time eating at the location, and the waiter automatically welcomed you, was even nicer than before, then offered you a complimentary order of beignets as a first time visitors gift. The menu there was perfect. They had the ultimate brunch options ranging from breakfast meals to some light lunch eatables. What really stood out to me on their menu was their Mardi Gras Omelette. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but shrimp is one of my favorite foods and it was included in that omelet. So I knew exactly what I was going to order. The eggs in the omelet on its own could’ve used more spices, but with the shrimp added and the sauce placed on top, those two attributes made it super yummy. My plate came with a couple side options as well. It was served with an English muffin and then you were able to choose your second side from the options of grits, oatmeal or potatoes. I chose the grits with my meal. With a little sugar, it was exactly as I liked it. 
Meal Price: $12.29
Rate: 4.5

The second part of the blog is intended for some super cute brunch looks for you. For the first look, my creative director and I decided to pair this super cute jumpsuit with a belt, wedges, some jewelry, and a small crossover bag. This look might sound very simple, but once you place all the items together it’ll come out comfy, dressy and gorgeous. I’m not really a jewelry kind of person but this look was paired with some hoop earrings, a necklace, and a watch and I was in love. The energy of the outfit gives me a brunch date vibe because it’s classy, not doing too much but still will get you feeling sexy and confident. Here are some pictures of it below. 

This second look I have for you guys I would typically wear after church, or having brunch with some of your girls and/or family. Why I say that is because we styled this with a flowy skirt, laced top, and a not so big bag. I completely adored this look so much! It was very different from the last one to me and I wanted two looks that were the total opposite of each other, but yet still me. But all in all, I wanted them both to be something I would wear for brunch. This look was super comfy and quick to throw on and go. To spice it up my creative director had me wear clear dressy heals and I thought it was perfect because the last look was more “fancy” but I wore wedges with it. This look gave me the energy of relaxation, but at the same time, a bougie simplicity look. Check out the pictures of the look below. 

Shoot Info
Photographers Website:
Model: @emmabossi
Stylist/Creative Director: @gwenglamorous

What did you guys think of these two looks? Which would you choose to wear at this yummy brunch spot? Let me know below in the comments. Stay tuned for the next post and have an amazing week everyone ❤️❤️😘

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