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heyyyyyyy. I know, I know. its been awhile. life got pretty busy again, but I had a little time to finally get some blogging done 😊. Lately, things for the outside world have seemed to calmed down so much. as for me, things stayed the same or even got a tad bit more hectic. but I made some time for this post. I'm particularly excited about this one because for a while now I've been trying to find a way to get "caught up" on a lot of my photoshoot blogs. all dating back to last year. I wanted to do it in a way that wasn't going to come off as being too excessive. so, this post is going to include a few shoots in 1 😱.

Usually, when the nice weather comes back, it gets darker later, and you just get an urge to go out and do fun things. That's when I call it my Modeling season. Because when the weather is amazing, I always feel like dressing up and doing my makeup and just being dolled up more. Due to some social distancing and reschedulings of photoshoots this year. It made me want to post a Never Before Seen post to showcase some of 2019's work.

Last year for me was an AMAZING modeling season. I was shooting almost every weekend and loved every bit of it. I got a chance to shoot with photographers that were not only based in Atlanta. But some out of town photographers as well. Honestly, I felt so honored because when people come into town, they can do whatever they choose on their vacation. So reading messages from photographers who were coming into town and wanted to work with little ol me, made me feel so special. So with that being said let's get to these pictures. I'm so excited to finally put them out there for you all.

First, let me begin with a photographer from Atlanta that I worked with, Anthony F. Although I posted a few shots from this shoot, I've never worked with him before and want to add his info to my blog. When we were planning the shoot, I checked his page and instantly became excited. his work was so good that we scheduled something for that week, for when I got out of work. If you know me, you know I mainly shoot on weekends. So I was clearly excited about this one. Since I was coming from work, we were only able to shoot 1 look and shot at a location that wasn't too far from me. The location was so fancy. It was right across from the Shops at Buckhead. It didn't matter that I had 1 look because we switched it up so much since there were so many places to take awesome, unique shots at. Anthonys vibe was super chilled and the shoot went by smoothly. I loved the results of the pictures. It was actually really hard to choose which ones I wanted edited. Check them out below and stay tuned for some more work from Anthony as we do plan to work more together in the future.

Shoot Info:
Photographer's Instagram: @afshots
Model / Makeup / Stylist: @emmabossi
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Notes: He does Outdoor and Studio for an amazing price

Next, we have some really never before seen pictures. I was super excited to work with my first in town, travel photographer. Well ironically, this day a couple photographers that were coming into town reached out and I had to do a couple photoshoots in 1 day. I remember that day being so hectic by me waking up so much later, but I made it. I was also having one of my worst makeup days and still knocked both of the shoots out of the way 💪 before the photographers had to leave. That morning, I first shot with David. Although he now lives in Atlanta, it was the first time I've shot with anyone from Chicago. The location of this shoot was at a park. It was super nice because it gave us many different options and backgrounds to work with. Actually, the header of this blog is also from this shoot. So we even got a chance to shoot in some bamboo. It was super random because as we were walking around to look for the next spot to take a shot in, we spotted the random part of the park with bamboo sticks. I had to crawl into bamboo bushes for the header shot, and it was so much worth it haha. His work is honestly amazing. Go check out his website below to see for yourself:D

Photographer: David N Beasley Jr
Photographers Website:
Model / Makeup / Stylist: @emmabossi
Location: Chicago, now Atlanta

After shooting with David, I had another shoot lined up with a photographer all the way from Washington D.C. Andrew's shoot made me super excited because the concept was something that I've been wanting to shoot for so long. I've always seen super gorgeous pictures on roofs, so when Andrew asked if I was up for it, of course, I couldn't turn it down. The shoot time comes and then we head up to the rooftop of a midtown parking garage. When we got up there, we then realized that getting the shots might be harder than we both thought. Because as soon as we made it up there, this parking garages rooftop was completely exited out. We were unaware that they were doing renovations until we got right to the top. There were no signs or anything. But we didn't give up because like I said, this concept was something we both really wanted to shoot. We went to the next parking garage, only to find out that there wasn't a rooftop at this one at all. Once we got to the third parking garage, we realized that this was the location. It was perfect. You could see the buildings in the back, the sky as clear as ever and there were no issues at all getting to the rooftop. When we started shooting, the pose tips, the looks, and vibes were amazing. It all felt so professional and the shots turned out so dope. Check them out below and make sure to check Andrew's page out as well.

Photographer: Andrew Murray
Photographer's Website:
Photographers Instagram: @eandrewmurray
Model / Makeup / Stylist: @emmabossi
Location: Washinton D.C.

When Markus asked me if I was interested in shooting while he came in town, I was definitely up for it. It's always so exciting to shoot with different people from different places. I squeezed in this shoot and actually had so much fun doing it. It was more simple and glam and I loved it. I knew the location and the shoot just felt so natural. It even went by way quicker than I was expecting and I loved how summery and glamourous the pictures turned out. Shooting with Markus was an incredible vibe because we instantly clicked as if we've been friends for a while and knocked this shoot out super fast. Although it was so hot that day, I was happy I had a good makeup day for this shoot. Check them out below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Photographer: Markus Williams
Photographers Website:
Photographers Instagram: @markiedstudiosllc
Model / Makeup Artist / Stylist: @emmabossi
Location: Washington D.C.

Although this next photographer also isn’t necessarily an out of town photographer. I got a chance to shoot with Sears. And these pictures are never before seen to you guys on my blog. This shoot was especially fun for me because I finally convinced my sister to hop in another photoshoot with me. And she definitely killed it. The pictures turned out super gorgeous and I love that we have more pictures together that are professional. He has tons of backdrops and tons of ideas and concepts. So definitely check him out if you're located in Atlanta ladies and gentlemen. 

Photographer: Sease
Photographers Website:
Photographers Instagram: @shotbysease
Model / Makeup Artist / Stylist: @emmabossi
Location: Atlanta, GA

For this last photographer. By now you guys have recognized him on my page. I got another chance to shoot with Marlon during this modeling season. As a matter of fact, we shot twice and both times we did a studio shoot. The second time one of my looks was a workout theme, so we added some outdoor shots to that one. Shooting with Marlon, I never necessarily come with a concept but just the looks and we go with the flow. I absolutely loved both photoshoots. Check them out below.

Photographer: Marlon 
Photographers Instagram: @msphotography92
Model / Makeup Artist / Stylist: @emmabossi
Location: Atlanta, GA

Whew, well I believe that's all guys. 6 photoshoots in 1 post. I thought this post was super fun to do. Looking through the shots I can't even say which shoot was my favorite because they all had a shot that I genuinely loved. But I'm curious, which photoshoot was your favorite? Let me know what you guys think in the comments :D

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