Santorini Taverna

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Now, to dive into this post. It's another restaurant review which seems to be a few of your favorites. This review is about an astounding restaurant called Santorini Taverna. One day last year actually me and a friend decided to go check it out and I'm so happy we did. If you like Greek or Meditarian food this place is surely worth trying.
A little background on this place is that they actually used to be a Mexican restaurant in the same location. Although I liked that place as well, this was a completely different restaurant. When we saw that this place has now taken over and was officially open, we headed over. Upon arriving the lights were a little dimmed and the place was packed (they opened that week I believe so many people wanted to give it a try). With so many people going to try it, there wasn't a long wait for us to be seated as I was expecting. The restaurant had dimmed lights and soon as you walk in you notice a huge projection on the walls. It seemed to be a video that showed Greek as you are eating. It made you feel like you traveled to Greece and I loved that.

When we got seated. We went straight to the food menu to see what they had. Their prices are 90% affordable. Now when I say that, I mean you can go there with $20 and leave super full without spending so much. They have many options of food ranging from their cold appetizers, hot appetizers, soups, salads, shish kabobs, wings, sandwich melts, gyros, gourmet burgers, Italian subs, side items (Greek Oven Potatoes are amazing), homemade greek specialties, Platters, dessert, children's menu, drinks, and even hookah. So there's definitely something on the menu that you can choose from. While waiting for the food to arrive, we noticed music playing and people clapping and looking in one direction. We turned and seen some ladies belly dancing around. One even had a tray on her head and were still getting it. I've personally never been to a Greek or Meditarian restaurant so it was new for me to see it. I honestly thought those things only happened in the movies. Between the projection of Greece and the dancing. You'll surely have some entertainment as your eating. Which is why I can't even seem to remember if the food came out late or early. There was simply so much holding your attention that you probably won't care how long the wait. Meanwhile, the food arrived and I was truly surprised at the portion quantity that they served. My platter had so much food in it that I even had enough to take to go and finish later. We ate and then upon leaving the owner came and handed you a complimentary dessert due to the opening. This experience was truly incredible. Keep reading to check out what I ordered.

Rate: 5
Recommend: Although I've been to this location just once. I think it is a place I definitely see myself returning too. I LOVED it. and definitely recommend it. 

Appetizer: I received the Lemon soup and Side dish because it was complementary with my platter of food. prices are below if you would like to order without having to purchase a platter.

Soup: Greek Lemon Soup (Avgolemono): $5.95
Appetizer: pureed pinto beans, pasta salad, chickpeas, and marinated beets: No Price, This is served when ordering a platter
Platter/Entre: Moussaka "Chef's Delight: $13.95
-moussaka, rice, corn, potatoes


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