2020 "Goals"

Hey guys, can you really believe we’re in a new decade? Honestly, I’m shocked but so excited at the same time. My year started off shaky, but I'm really convinced that these next 10 will be nothing but awesome!! We're some days into 2020. So now that it's really official, I thought it'll be the perfect time to share a new post. New year, same me, but with some changes. 

The last 10 years have had many highs, lows, and some in-betweens. Moreover, we all made it. And that alone is such a blessing! This year won't be about doing resolutions. Because like the title says, it's more about goals...well for me anyway. To get here, I had to really sit and ask myself what do I really want out of this decade. All of my answers lead more to me asking "What do I want to change to make things different?". What I came up with was a vision of the person I want to be and some plans I need to work on to make it happen. So instead of New Year's resolutions. I’m going to blog about some New Year goals to help me achieve more growth within myself. So keep reading 🤗

1.) Mind:
Simple but yet this one word can mean so much. What I plan to bring into this year is what my mind pays attention to, consumes, and extracts.

I’m going to focus on so much positivity that when something bad happens I’ll refuse to even let it get to me or weigh me down. One way I plan to do that is by reading more. When I say reading I don't mean textbooks, but reading the word of God more, doing a biblical plan monthly to connect deeper with him. 
See guys, what I’ve learned about myself in the last decade is that no matter what’s happening, God's word and just knowing how much he loves us regardless of anything and who we are has always uplifted me. To know that someone will continuously stay by your side in your journey is truly astounding. On top of that, I plan to also read more positive quotes. Reading random positivity notes, quotes, posts, or even hearing it has always made me change my attitude for the better instantly. Moral of Mind is when positivity is the only thing on your mind, you will always feel awesome and have much better days.

The reason I choose this first is that when you work on what’s in the inside of you, you're building yourself to be the best version of yourself. I’ve always been a super positive person, but when something ruins my day, I’ve noticed me staying upset longer than I should. I want to be able to have so much positivity flowing through me that as soon as something goes wrong I snap out of it instantly. It all has to start with you. Because your internal reality will soon manifest into your external reality. So when placed in negative situations, your positivity and how you look at it can instantly change that situation. When your mental state is all positive and unbreakable it’ll start happening in your external life. Get your mind right 💆

2.) Consistency:
So this one is going to be tough. Because let’s be honest. It was a part of last years plan. I wrote that I’d post a weekly blog post, then monthly, then boom I disappeared again 🙈 Although I’m going to hold myself accountable for posting every week this year. This “consistency” subject isn’t necessarily about just blogging. It’s about being consistent with every aspect of my life. Being consistent with executing things for business ideas, practicing new receipts, budgeting, working out, self care days, enjoying life, blogging, checking in on people, being more adventurous and honestly just doing more things that are therapeutic to me. When I’m more consistent in the little things that make me happy, I tend to stay happy. And this decade is about happiness.

My number one way to achieve this one is by sticking to my planner. lol, it probably doesn't seem like a way to do it. But for those of you that have seen my planner you know, everything is color-coordinated, planned and written down. From what I need to do, want to do, have to do and can do. So to achieve this goal, I'll need it. I plan to start taking the time to get everything done and planning way ahead to execute everything.

3.) Connections:
This is the last one of my goals. I’ve realized that I’m a homebody these days and I need to stawppp lol. I can’t even remember what changed. I’ve went from a social butterfly to getting excited just to lay down and watch movies all night 😩😭. Then I wonder why I miss everything and get bored often.

I mean, let’s be honest, I won’t ever cut those kind of nights out because I still love them. So I plan to work on balance. (Hmm, maybe I should’ve just named it that instead of connections 🤔) Anyway, I’ve noticed people this year have reached out and try to get me out. But once I’m home I just get comfy and find an excuse not too.

To change things up...I plan to text more, converse more, invite people out, accept more invitations, do brunches, ladies nights, hangouts and just get back to enjoying those things and than come home and watch a movie lol. I just think it’s time for a social life again. Not even just the social part but to connect more with everyone around me. Start checking up on people, text people back, and make plans then go through with them. Life is more fun when you're creating good memories. So I plan to grow better friendships and relationships. More connections, beautiful memories, and happiness in this decade. 🥂

And that’s all 3 of my goals to become a better version of myself. I believe this will help me grow in this new year and decade. What are some of your goals or changes you want to make for a better version of yourself? Let me know in the comment section below. Talk to you guys next week and Happy (belated) New Years. ❤

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