Ma Visiting For A Month

Hey loves, so clearly been MIA again and honestly I don't even have an excuse this time nor will I try and say I promise to keep up with the once a week posting. Life happens, I get busy and tend to push my hobbies to the back to focus on other things. That and I'm also the kind of person that needs breaks and then reaper even better than I was before lol. I will say that I do have way too much content that I need to get out. So to keep up, might as well go ahead and subscribe by email 😊. This post I wanted to do because recently I've been talking to my gma more and more. She's so amazing. Wait, let me take things back a little bit.....

Several months ago my sis and I went home to spend some time with family in Michigan. When we came back to Atlanta, my grandma joined us. She stayed with us for an entire month! I say this in a surprising way because when it was mentioned I didn't think she was serious at all. We all haven't been together for that long in a while. The last time was high school, before me and my sister moved out for college. Crazy. But she really came guys lol. The first week she was here I still had a couple of vacation days left from work so we got to hang out a lot. I showed her around Atlanta, we got food, and we watched tons of Nigerian movies. She was so amazed at how much different, yet the same it was compared to Michigan. The downtown area in particular. She loved seeing all of the super tall buildings and all of the people just living life. In Lansing, downtown isn't like that so much. My grandmother speaks and understands only a little bit of English, so I also got a chance to get tons of practice speaking Igbo with her and just talking, laughing, and listening to it was a refresher in the language. While it was just me and her we didn't want to do too much, so the times we did most of the big adventurous things were the weekends my sister and I were both off of work. (Just was more fun and more bonding for all 3 of us). With that said, this post will mostly focus on the activities that happened on those weekends. Because other than that it was just me and ma watching tons of Nigerian movies, eating (she nearly cooked practically every day), and just talking. So the first thing on the schedule that we did was to take her to do some shopping. She bought a new outfit and wanted a photo shoot in the apartment when we arrived back. After the photo shoot, she was feeling herself so much and insisted that I send it to everyone on her Whatsapp. Not even kidding. It was hilarious and super cute how much she loved the outfit lol.

(Just some pictures from her mini shoot, such a cutie <3)
(Some pictures of the Naija food she prepared while visiting. Everything was so yummy. Let's just say this was the start of my weight gain this year :D)

Next on the agenda was to go and eat. Considering that we all love seafood. (And that it was also a place on me and my sister's list of wanting to try.) We decided to go check out The Juicy Crab. Everyone always talks about this place and says nothing but good things, so we decided it would be the perfect place. We were so right! The food was delicious, everything had so much flavor, the restaurant was entertaining (tons of writings you could glance at), everyone was extremely friendly, and we simply had a blast. Juicy Crab was someplace that if you're like me, (love eating with your hands) you were able to do so with no one judging you. So that was an extra plus for me. Ma genuinely enjoyed it. She kept saying this is what she is supposed to eat while on vacation hahaha. Upon arriving, we were given plastic bibs and our menus. We then ordered our drinks and what we wanted to eat. Let's just say we got the one with everything and all the seasonings them. They had many options like Cajun, spicy, garlic and more you could choose from. You had an option to pick, or you could get the one with all of the options like we did. A little later our drinks came out and then our food. It smelled so yummy and came in a big plastic bag on top of the plate. There was sausage, corn, lobster, crayfish, clams, potatoes, crab legs, and shrimp. I can't even say what I liked most because everything was really good to me 😂😂. We dug in, couldn't even finish it all, and proceeded to take the rest to go.

The Sundays that it was just me and my ma. I won't say that all we did was just watch Nigerian movies and talk. I showed her different areas of downtown, sandy springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody and just many different places Atlanta had to offer that I thought she'd like. The last time she visited Atlanta it was the first summer after I moved, in 2015. So I had no clue where to really go. But this trip was completely different. Even church wise, I found her a Catholic Church she could attend. One weekend that my sister worked. Me and ma were both out of our church services, went and grabbed some food. Then she wanted to finally see the farmers market because we've told her about it many times. Ma was in loveeeee. There isn't a place like it in Lansing. She wanted to make a video and send it to my mom saying, ”look at all of this”, so we did. I always forget how amazed I was when I first went to the farmers market. So I can't even imagine how she felt. She wanted to go to every aisle and see it all. ”This is my workout for the week,” she said. I laughed and truly agreed, it was a workout for both of us that day really.

(food pictures of us out to eat after church)
(Her favorite part of the Farmers Market pictures, the fish lol)

The next weekend my sister was off so we had to do a more different, fun thing. We decided that we'd first have a BBQ and a day by the pool. Ma also wanted a little photo shoot here as well. She had so much fun. I was even surprised because I didn't know she liked water until that day. Just being in the sun and then actually swimming and seeing her so happy and dancing made me so smiling. It was fun and I even got a good little water work out in. Because after that we ate so much. We made chicken, shrimp, corn, potato salad, fish, ribs, burgers and so much more. When the sun went down, we just went back to the apartment and watched more Nigerian movies. 

(some pool and bbq day fun)

The next day, Sunday, we headed out to the aquarium. Now this to me seemed like her favorite part of the trip. Because every corner, (not even lying) ma wanted a picture, was asking for post ideas and wanted to touch all of the objects and animals as much as me. Usually, every time we go somewhere I’m the one who wants a picture of everything and wants to explore everywhere. But this day made me realize who I got it from because ma definitely out beat me. I was the one getting frustrated because it was so much and you know me, I wanted a lot of pictures too. But I sucked it up and kept taking them. I have a picture below of the ones she wanted me to favorite to send to her. But overall the aquarium was a big hit. We saw the dolphin show, the walrus show and went and saw literally every part of the Georgia Aquarium. She loved, loved it. 

(See I told you guys she took so many pictures. These aren't even half of it lol)

For her last weekend that she was here, my sister and I had to go to a going-away party for a friend that was leaving Atlanta. So we decided that it would be a perfect ending to her time in Atlanta. It wouldn't have only been a party or celebration for her last day. But just her seeing how the Nigerians party in Atlanta and seeing and meeting new Nigerians was fun for her. She got to see me and my sis do a mini entrance dance for our friend, try someone else's cooking that wasn't only hers, have some fun, listen to music, dance, and just get to be around something that is part of her culture to end her weekend in Atlanta. The next morning we dropped her off at the airport, and then went back to our normal lives and made sure that ma got home safely.

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