Lagos Jewelry VIP Viewing

hey loves. So sorry this post came in so late this week. But honestly me even sticking to posting 3 weeks in a row is sticking to one of my goals 🙈😅😂. So I’ll dive right into the post. The amazing Lagos Jewelry Launch event.
When I first received an invitation to this event about Lagos Jewelry 2019 Spring Launch and that they were opening up in Bloomingdale's in Lenox Square (go check them out by the way :D). I’ll be honest, I remember seeing the word Lagos and not remembering we’re exactly I found out about this Jewelry brand. But after this event and post. I’m sure I’ll never forget them or their name, and hopefully you guys won’t either! What attracted me to this brand I remember was their name. As some of you may know, I’m Nigerian and the name Lagos is one of our biggest and most developed cities in Nigeria. It’s the city we stayed in before coming to America. So the name got me interested. But the line kept me entertained. So when they emailed me about an invite to their Atlanta Launch. I was super excited. Not only to get to see their new fall collection, but to also be able to try on some things, mingle and get to see and know more about their brand.

So after work I got ready in 10 minutes, literally lol and me and my sister headed out. When we arrived to the W Hotel were the event was happening and they had valet, so we parked and headed up the elevator. (At the top of the hotel was a lounge called Whiskey Blue, Atlanta-Buckhead). And it was so gorgeous up there. I think they chose the PERFECT location to have this event because it was not only classy, but modern, had beautiful skyline views and was exceptionally welcoming. There newly renovated rooftop bar is a place i would recommend especially if you want to sip in style. It was a lounge you would want to come to and take pictures and mingle. If that makes sense lol. So when we arrived I got spotted by the lady who sent me the email invitation for the VIP viewing launch event and we started chatting. Their event had cocktails provided and some food as well. So we got something to munch on and I also ordered a glass of wine. She went on to show me around the area that they rented out. Which had many pieces from their new launch on it. And than after, she introduced me and my sister to some other bloggers, influencers, Lagos Jewelry workers and we just mingled, took pics, chatted, connected and overall had an incredible time. Everyone was so friendly, talkative and the vibes were just amazing. But wait...speaking on beautiful. Let me get back to the topic of this blog lol. The Jewelry. It was absolutely gorgeous you guys. Everything was just super nice, fancy and eye catching for this launch. I didn’t even know were to begin when trying some of the items on to see which I would prefer. But while looking around. The thing that caught my eye first was the Apple Watch band. It was like no other Apple Watch band that I’ve ever seen before. It was so freaking beautiful, classy, sparkly and something you or anyone really, could ever miss. I had to try it on and when I did, fell in love with it even more. Did you guys know they are the first ones to ever make an Apple Watch band out of Smart Caviar? Now that’s what I would call fine Jewelry. Every piece of this watch was handcrafted, in sterling silver, is two toned and has diamonds! It was like no matter how you moved your hand, it just sparkled 😍. I was in loveeee. I also got a chance to try on their matching Diamond Bracelet. Which looked so beautiful with the watches band. I feel like if anyone wore those 2 together their bound to get people asking were they got it from. They were that pretty lol. I’ll add the details and link below of course. But anyway, I also got a chance to try on Lagos’s Maya Circle Ring in the color Turquoise. Although it had a pop of color that I’m not really interested in. The right was dazzlingly. They make a smaller version than I tried on. But there both so beautiful. What I really like about this brand is that all their jewelry are really eye popping, and no matter what pieces you pair together. They’ll still look amazingly nice together. Oh and of course their jewelry doesn’t look “cheap” lol. Below I’ve added the pic of the things I’ve tried on and the links to them. Go check them out and get you some fine jewelry 🤗
Lagos Website: Click Here
Lagos Facebook: Click Here
Lagos Instagram: Click Here
Lagos Twitter: Click Here
Where to Find Them: Bloomingdale's Lenox Square
Event Lounge Location: Whiskey Blue Atlanta-Buckhead
To See Videos From The Event Checkout: My Instagram Posts On It: Click Here

Diamond Apple Watch Band
- Price $8,500 
- Sterling Silver
- 2.48 Carat 
- Double Button Wide Clasp
- Width 22mm Tapers to 16mm

Diamond Bracelet
 - Price $1,000
- Sterling Silver
- 0.7 Carat
- Width 15mm
- Length 7.5 inches

Maya Circle Ring: Color Turquoise
- Price $450 (smaller version $350)
- Sterling Silver
- Diameter 23mm
- Width 13mm Tappers to 5mm
- Gemstone Dimension 16mm

And those are all the details on the items that I got to try on. I would go and check out their site because this brand has so much to offer! When the event was over as I was heading out I got to meet another girl blogger Oh!Nikka and than the Lagos worker gave me and my sister a gift bag for coming. Inside was a card with there store's opening location and some coupons to go with it, there made in 100% cotton cloth polish that cleans silver, gold and platinum jewelry that also included were they were founded. This gift bag also included a flyer of some trendy ways to wear the Lagos jewelry and displayed what more they had to offer, and they included their Gemstone Bead Bracelet. Which was absolute beautiful. We received it in the color Lapis which had 18k Gold Caviar Beading. The gems are 5mm to 6mm and can fit most wrist sizes which to me was a perfect gift for everyone to end the night with. Its retailed for $395 so Click Here if you want to purchase this beautiful bracelet. 

Below are more Pictures From the Event. Check them out and don't forget to leave a comment on what you would or wouldn't purchase. Or any questions that you have on this post. Have an awesome weekend everyone 😘
The display of their New VIP Viewing for the New Collection.
The case the Apple Watch Band was in. Even that was beautiful 😍
First Items I tried on. Don't mind my nails. 1st time doing them myself lol
Band and Bracelet in a better lighting.Super sparkly.
Some whine and finger food I tried upon arriving.
heyyy. just me. lol
My beautiful sis. We came together and had a blast!
A pic on 1 side of the rooftop lounge.
A pic on the other side. You can actually see Bloomingsdale from here. Go check them out btw :D
A bloomingsdale worker suggested this drink for me and my sis. It was super good. Totally forgot the name smh. If i remember i'll be sure to add so you guys can order this as well.
I love this pic of a pic. One of the Lagos ambassadors took it while my sis was trying to get my angles lol
meant a fellow blogger: Oh!Nikka 

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