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hey guys, new week new post 😊
this week as you can see, I have a photoshoot post for you :D although this shoot happened alllll they way in March, making it nothing new "new". some pictures are new to you guys and old to me, so why not lol. I decided to do this post next in honor of Gio's birthday which was sometime last week. and for me the best way to show love to some people is by supporting them. included in this blog will be the location of our shoot together, the information pertaining to his site, his instagram and how to book him. That way you can check his page out to see more of his work, so you can be able to work with him as well. 

Shoot Info:
Photographer: @gioelegantphotos
Photographers Website:
Model: @emmabossi

the location of this shoot was actually at my place (i had previous plans that day so I would have already had my makeup done, and thought i might as well kill two birds with one stone). With that being the case, I believed that it would've been the perfect time to schedule a photoshoot. because I’ll be honest, i only do my makeup on the weekends and i would've hated to do it twice. But let’s go back a little. When Gio first reached out to work together, checking his page out I already knew that this shoot was going to be a very elegant one. By viewing his published work, his site and his Instagram, elegancy was written all over it. Which is why I think the Elegant in his photographies name fits it PERFECTLY. When he arrived, we got straight to work. I got to choose 3 looks which I had previously picked out. Working at home also made it easier to switch the looks out if I wanted, but I was set on the 3 I had chosen. It was so easy to throw the looks on and not have to focus on what I forgot for the shoot, because everything was there already. Surprisingly this day of the shoot was one of my rare "good makeup" day's and i think it showed in the pictures. I was so shocked that this makeup look turned out as good as it did and it boosted my confidence as i worked the camera. Since I have been modeling in Atlanta, Gio has been one of the photographers that’s been closest to my age. Which made the shoots vibe like working with a friend. He was very laid back and calm. It made things relaxing, because once i get in my zone i don't really like any bad vibes to throw me off. Things went very smoothly and ended in a timely manner. I loved it! After the shoot was over, he was able to send me the pictures right then through the wifi connection. So there was no wait at all. I pretty much fell in love with them 😍. For editing, i was going for a more bright, cool toned feel and i think that they came out perfectly. Below are some of my favorites that became edited. Go check them out and make sure you guys go and follow him and tell him happy belated :D 

btw keep looking at the pictures below to see some of the unedited pictures that i still love even without editing them.

thank you guys for reading and let me know which look is your favorite below and oh yeah don't forget to subscribe by email. have an awesome week and see you guys next time :)


  1. so beautiful. are you able to do a tutoril on this look

    1. Lol sorry this was all the way in March. I don’t even remember what I used. 😅


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