Bar Taco

Place: Bartaco
Rate: 5
Price: Listed below, Total= $20 and your all set for an awesome Sunday Funday
hey guys, I'm back with another post on the blog. this one's going to cater to the food category. I'll be doing a review on one of the most popular taco spots in Atlanta called Bar Taco..
so me and my sister have this thing were we like to go check out some new places, restaurants or just anything interesting in Atlanta every other week. to not only get out more, but to also get to know the city more. so we decided to go and check out Bartaco for our Sunday Funday spot :D crazy thing about this is that when I first moved to Atlanta, my very first apartment was literally right next door/above it. but I've never actually been until now. not because i don't like tacos (if you see my past posts, you'll know that's not the case lol) but because i just never got around to it. its always been on my list though, so when she suggested it and which one (there were 3 not to far from us). of course this location was the one i was going to choose. anyway we finally went and honestly, I LOVED this place. from the energy when you first walk in, to their menu to the serving trays. i just loved it. speaking of walking in, when you get to the building, it does look very small on the outside but the building stretches to the back and that's how it opens up. because the inside was so much bigger than what I'd even expect. i liked how the place gave a modern but cozy look because it was also very relaxing at the same time. most of the staff were younger, and their energies were pretty good. to me everyone was super friendly no matter how long we took. the wait for your food depends on when and what you order. it took us a little bit to decide on which taco's we were getting so our food didn't come as fast as it would've, but all in all our waiter was still super patient with us. we ordered and than the food came out in a little amount of time, like 8 minutes tops. me and my sister both got 4 tacos each, curros, drinks, and some guacamole. they gave some chips and salsa on the house and everything just had its own unique flavor and was super delicious. but keep reading below to know exactly what I ordered, my thoughts on them, the price and if I'd recommend it :D

the tacos I ended up ordering were:
Baja Fish Taco: $2.50
- the first taco
- really REALLY good
- the breading was perfect
- it came with a tartar sauce kinda sauce
- eat this one first, because it does cool down faster
- I recommend - 5
Crispy Rock Shrimp Tacos: 2.50
- the second taco
- it was amazing
- I definitely recommend
- the sauce it came in was perfect
- not just saying because shrimp is my favorite
- I recommend = 4
Chicken Chorizo Taco: $2.50 
- the third taco
- wasn't as spicy as i thought it would be
- the sauce as really good with it
- I would recommend = 5
Glazed Pork Belly: $3.50
- the last taco
- my least favorite of them all
- I probably wouldn't get again
- my sister really liked it, but it wasn't all that good to me
- the sauce it came in was the only thing that i liked about the taco
- I don't recommend = 2
Drink: Paloma Fresca: $9
- comes with a sugar rim
- had a very refreshing taste
- yes I'd recommend = 4

Overall yes, I would definitely recommend Bartaco. not only for Sunday Fundays but for date nights, night out with your friends, co workers, taking people from out of town or even going by yourself. they do open from 11am to 11:15pm so it can also be a great place to meet up before going out or for me going home for the night lol. its in an awesome location, food is good, drinks are good, and you don't have to spend a crazy amount to have fun. for taco's I think this place will have to be my new go to taco spot. if you know any other taco spots that you'd like to recommend let me know below. if you've ever been here what else is good to try for my next visit? 🤔 
but go and check it out guys, you'll love it :D

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  1. i love this place. they have some outside of atlanta too


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