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so if your new to this blog, and don't know by now. i model as a hobby. and this year has been pretty exciting for me with modeling. since I'm doing a weekly post, I'll be posting some shoots i've done so far and allll the amazing pictures from them, so go ahead and subscribe and stay tuned 😊. to start off with some shoots this year I wanted to post some amazing work i did with Daniel, a new photographer. well let me put it this way. he's definitelyy not new, he's been in the game for a lonngggg time lol. just our first time collabing. this post will be a mix of the 2 shoots that we've done so far, all in one. keep reading, its going to be exciting :D
Shoot Info
Photographer: @dvmproductions2996
Photographers Website: www.thedvmp.com
Videographer: @wannd
Model: @emmabossi
Stylist: @gwenglamorous

this shoot i titled The Red Rose not only because we shot at the most beautiful location with some amazing floral pieces, but because i was wearing all red and everything about it was pure elegance. i loved it. getting to the location i was surprised to see another awesome photographer and a videographer. so for me (i'll be honest) it made it way more nerve racking because i felt like i couldn't screw up lol. but they both were just as friendly and amazing as Daniel. so it was just good energy and an overall fun shoot. one of my favorites so far actually. its like i wasn't as nervous anymore and just had some fun with it as shown in the behind the scenes video below. (it might be a little easier to head over to my YouTube channel to watch the video)

besides loving thatmospher, location, and video from the shoot. the pictures turned out soooo freaking gorgeous 😩. lets just say that day was about 94 degrees, but felt like 100. and if you've ever been in that kinda heat. you know a long, thick dress and makeup is not what you want to have on lol. i assumed i was going to look a HOT mess in the pictures lol. but they turned out so beautiful. i loved everything about this shoot. i'll go ahead and blabbing and post the pictures.

Titled: The Red Rose
And now for some pictures from our first time shooting. I named this shoot The Train Wreck because I was having a BAD hair and makeup day. This location was also on a train track (an abandoned train track area next to some abandoned old school buses) area which incorporated into the title. But it wasn't a wreck at all, it was actually also amazing. There were so many different little places you could capture some bomb shots at, all in 1 place. so we went ahead and started at the buildings and than headed over to the buses. (lets just say there are only a couple shots because i was terrified of all the bees inside and couldn't stop screaming ihalf the time.) 😂😂

Title: Train Wreck
and that's a wrap. hope you guys enjoyed. leave me some comments below on how you lovedddd (or didn't) these shoots 😘💞


  1. Terrific...love this story and I agree that it's way more stressfull to be videotaped than to pose for pics...Congrats

    1. it definitely was. but I turned out to love it lol. thank you.

  2. This is awesome..it's was a pleasure working with you and our team Love's you and your spirit..we can't wait to create some more magic...


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