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hey loves.
I know, i know another long break 😅 lol. this post is going to definitely be a little bit of a “Life Update” post explaining why i’ve been gone/taking a keep Reading :)

Hmm not even sure how to begin. But i’ll Start by saying that this long but needed break all started when I sat down sometime last year just thinking... I always find that i do right before summer because it’s usually around the time i think of what events or activities i want to do in the summer. (because when better weather is coming around the corner, you just want to do more). So I started thinking and than i stopped because it was like i couldn’t be able to think of what i wanted to do. Something to me felt “missing”. And for me, that was excitement. When you think of summer what do you really think about? i think about fun, happiness, the beach, traveling, the sun, good weather, bbq’s, laughing, hanging out with friends, family, new memories, experiences, adventures and of course, the pool. I know your wondering what that has to do with anything. but what i’ve noticed these past couple years, when i thought about summer, none of those thoughts were popping back up into my head. it was more of “this is the same year, just a different month”. And it just wasn’t how i wanted to go about my summers, at all. so before summer of 2018, i decided that i needed a breakkkkkk. Honestly a major break from a lot of things. Not really because I wasn’t enjoying those things, but more to just start enjoying my summers again. I wanted to get back to doing some of the things that brings me genuine happiness, laughter, and (i’ll Be honest) just wanted to have a lil “fun” again with no major responsibilities lol. so i decided to not take summer classes, not blog, didn’t do any photo shoots, put all my personal projects on pause and just took a major break from everything that felt like unnecessary pressure. i just wanted to be a little selfish and live a little more. And boy am i glad i did because after doing that, 2018 became one of the best summers i’ve Had in so long. I traveled, saw family a lot, saw friends a lot, traveled with friends, ate good, had so many new experiences, memories and adventures, finally did a well deserved big shopping spree, went zip lining, climbed a mountain to see a waterfall, made some new friends, connected back with old ones, learned a lot about this “New Emma” and so much more. Even though me taking this disappear and live life more break, it was well deserved and needed. Keep reading for some of my amazing 2018 experiences and pictures :D

I’ll try to summarize each experience as much as I can so this won’t be a supper long post for you guys lol. So first I’ll start with Vegas. It was my “happiness” kick off because it was the first girls trip with all my favs in 1 trip, it was also Memorial Day Weekend and my little sisters 21st bday weekend. Vegas was sooo much fun you guys. (Were actually planning on going again and don’t worry i plan to vlog EVERY trip this year.) We stayed at the Linq Hotel which was in the middle of everything. the first night we went to TAO and saw Gucci perform. Than the second day we all went and got brunch (food was AMAZING!!). Than we went to our Hotel’s pool party were I fell in the water trying the water blow up bull lol. It was annoying because I just straightened my hair but at the same time it was one of the funnest experiences I had there. After we went site seeing and than came and got ready for the night. (Club name) and saw DJ Khalid and French Montana perform. This was the funnest night to me because we were right in front and got to see everything. The last day we were there we went to Rehab’s Day Party and saw most of the cast from love and hip hop. Than we went and found food and than went zip lining. Zip lining was probably my favorite event on the trip because it was something that’s been on my bucket list for so long, was exciting because you got to see most of th whole Vegas. (View was absolutely beautiful) and just so much fun. The last night it was just me and Ami. We went to see marshmallow which was different from the other 2 nights because it was more of a pop vibe, but it was a fun night too. The whole trip was just so much fun. I definitely recommend Vegas on a Memorial Day weekend and think it’s my new memorial weekend destination :p

Next up was going home (when i say home, i mean Michigan were my family is) for my brothers graduation. I actually went to Michigan twice. But i’ll Add both in this section to minimize the post. Because as you guys can see. This is going to be a very long post. Anyway we went home for his graduation and it was bittersweet. Just knowing he’s the last Ebosi to graduate high school makes reality set in that were all just getting older. But it was such a happy moment because he was the last one to graduate, with honors and he got accepted into MSU for Chemical Engineering. When they called his name we all screamed and made sure he could hear us. After the graduation I took my siblings out to eat to celebrate. We all ate good and just had fun bonding. The next time we went home was for my brothers open house. His open house was also bittersweet because we had some fam not feeling well and it was a little hard to focus on him without trying to be sad that people were sick. But I was able to do it. Keeping things together to make sure everything could work out was such a learning experience. The process of getting food, decorations, cooking, and setting up, speaking and greeting everyone who entered the door was a lot. Lol, but we made it happen. Eventually everyone started feeling better, and that made me so happy and that caused me enjoy the open house so much more. The open house ended up being such a success, and we got to see so many people haven't seen in so long.

During the summer i also got a chance to attend the Atlanta Power 30 Awards. It was awesome experience to be able to go because it was such a motivational night. Just knowing that there are so many things that can be accomplishedd in the community in all different aspects was exciting to see and hear. My date ended up winning an award that night which made things so much more exciting. Besides the inspiration, and meeting new people it was also exciting because f the location. The venue was absolutely beautiful.  As soon as we walked in all you noticed was how gorgeous the hotel was. Then when you kept walking in there was band playing, a photographer, open bar, people passing out little appetizers, and than in the front they had about 4 different BMW’s Lind up (they sponsored the event) that you were able to test drive. We were only able to test drive one because the event was about to start.

This summer my bestie also came and visited for the weekend of July 4th per usual. That weekend felt like a stay cation weekend so it felt like a little trip to me. The 4th I’ll admit i wsn’t feeling so I don’t have much to say about it. Anyway here are some pics from the weekend below.

This summer we also did a weekend getaway to Dallas. I cant remember the last time i was actually there but it was a fun mini weekend getaway. Well first it was annoying because the weather was terrible (honestly not that bad. Just a little rain, but it stopped right before our flight. But our flight was still the only one cancelled on the way there. After finding out there was no other flight that night and since the next one was Monday morning (literally the day we had to come back smh). Me and my sis ended up getting a rental and got there the next morning. It was an 11hr drive so when we got there we were so exhausted. We took a quick nap to have some energy for the day. When we got there we went to the pool and i did some swimming. It was a lot of fun because the pool and the view was just amazing. Than we got ready and went to eat at a taco spot. After the taco spot we went to the Kyle Warren Park and got some ice cream and just hung out. We went out hat night and it gave me a Michigan/Kzoo vibe. Which I absolutely loved. The next morning in Dallas we went and got some brunch , looked at apts, and than hit the pool again. After he pool we went to this awesome sushi place called Zenna Thai & Japanese.

The last trip I took this summer was to New Orleans for my bff's Marie's bday. It was another ladies trip, except this time we chose to get a house instead of a hotel. Even though I got there Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon, it was still such a fun weekend getaway. When we first got to bourbon st there were so many men in red dresses, because there was some red dress event going on. (tbh, i think it was the best weekend to go. it was super entertaining and the guys were really dressed up haha). But after walking around, we went and got some food and than headed out for the night. The next morning we went back to Bourbon, checked out the mall and than headed out.

Something else that was new to me this summer was being a part of another wedding. This was different because it wasn't like being a bridesmaid in a wedding. Me and my sis got to be Aso Ebi girls in a friends wedding. Being in a different state for my 1st wedding was different because I feel like seeing some of the behind the scenes with this summers wedding made me see so much of it. Its definitely something that seems "stressful" but on the day of it. You couldn't even tell because everything seemed so beautiful. It made me realize that you can do so much planning, but in the end everything will take its own course and always work out the way its supposed too.

Even though I have no business working out because I want to gain weight lol. this summer i actually had some amazing work out experiences. Me and my sis did a couple of the gluts classes with The Loft and honestly it was HARD. but i loved every minute of it. it was like woman empowering woman. every time i was close to just sitting down or running to use the bathroom (aka take a break) another girl or my sis just encouraged me to keep going. and i made it through every single class and loved every minute of it. Another work out I did this summer that i really loved was hiking to see the waterfall at Vickery Creek in Roswell. it was absolutely beautiful when we made it down. the hike wasn't bad at all and we even took the harder route. I think this is something i plan to have on my summer adventure list for awhile because once you made it down. you were able to throw on a baiting suite and actually swim in the water. the experience was so much fun. if your in Atlanta, i would defiantly recommend it.

But in between those trips I also went to the moves more this summer, mall more this summer (random fact. I actually hate going to malls. But this summer I surprisingly enjoyed most of the trips.) some new restaurants (my favorite so far is Ginya Izakaya because i fell in love with there Una-Gyu Don. like i honestly probably had this a good every other week this summer smh), tried my hardest to not pick up on Sundays and make it to church most Sunday’s. And with that being said found a home church that i think is absolutely amazing. Buckhead Church is honestly my favorite in Atlanta so far because not only does it really remind me of my Church in Michigan but they always have an amazing message, that i understand every Sunday and its finally a church in Atlanta that i get excited to go too. with finding this church, i feel like my faith has finally had something to look forward too on Sundays, i started doing my daily studies everyday. (I'll be honest I skip like once or twice a week).

Man, I kind of feel like this was a lot. But I just wanted to do a brief summary than multiple posts because I still have so much in stored for you guys. My blog is my little escape, because I have always loved to write. So don't worry, I won't take anymore long breaks from it. (unless needed of course :D). But this summer's break brought was something I'm personally glad I did. This is all I have for you so stay tuned for next weeks blog. And of course don't forget to scroll to the right and subscribe.

catch you guys next week, xoxo Emma

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