Why So Hard?

Have you ever noticed that you forgive others so easily, but when it comes to you your just so hard on yourself?
Well first; hey guys :D

Its Wednesday and i have a new post for you. Lately I've been noticing that i beat myself up (longer and harder than i need to) way more often than i should. Even sometimes the littlest things. But when others do something i don't like. I get over it so fast. Not saying that it's bad to forgive easily or anything. But just saying, Why are we so much harder on ourselves than with others?
I don't know why we can be our own worst enemies at times but i figured out some things that work for me to stop being so hard on myself and wanted to share it in this post 🤗

When you've made a mistake and you keep thinking about it over and over in your head and realize that your thinking about only brings your mood down more about things. You just keep replaying what happened and wonder why it went the way that it did. I want you to try just stopping and think about it one of these ways:

1.) You've learned so much about yourself and the situation. You can take it with you in the future and not allow the same mistake to repeat itself.

2.) You've grown in a way that you wouldn't have if you didn't go through this.
3.) If a similar situation happens in the future, you have a better way of handling it.

Thinking about the situation these ways can help you see that you won't make the mistake again, and kind of get more excited and encouraged to do better in a similar situation in the future. Personally thinking about things in one of those 3 ways has helped me a lottttt. I don't even focus on the mistake as much, but more of how to do better. At the end of the day, we all just need to know and remember that were all humans, were GOING to make and continue to make mistakes. That's honestly what life is about. Making mistakes and learning from them. Why add beating yourself up so much on top of it too? Just stop, and think of a better way to handle the situation and than avoid making the same mistake again. 

That's the most important thing. To avoid making the same mistakes again. The way we choose to react to situations will mainly come from our past experiences. What we did in our past experience is what our depth of understanding in situations can only be. So we need to make some mistakes to learn that what we did, our part was wrong. 

And then we can be able to think about it, understand what we did wrong, and work on changing it. At the time, you know you made the best decision that you could. (or even maybe not) But its over and done with so instead of dwelling on it. Think of a better way for next time.

Moral of the post, continuing to be so hard on yourself does you absolutely no good for you. Learning and growing from that experience is the best way to avoid it from happening.


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