Creative With Marlon

sooooo its wednesday and i have a new post 🤗
another modeling post shooting with Marlon Sheard. wanted to start trying some different looks and themes in these up and coming shoots. some of these were really fun to do, and turned out super nice! Click below to check out the shoot pics. (will add more when there done being edited 😉)

Photographer: Marlon Sheard
My Instagram: emmabossi

Why So Hard?

Have you ever noticed that you forgive others so easily, but when it comes to you your just so hard on yourself?
Well first; hey guys :D

Happy New Year

hey guys :D
once again, it's been wayy too long. lol
i have no main excuse this time. life got busy, blogging hasn't been much of a priority and to be completely honest, i've just been pretty much SLACKING on my hobbies in general. but after this post i have a plan in place to post once a week just for you guys 😉

lets go ahead and jump into this post. this is a photoshoot post, and not only has it been awhile with blogging, but its been awhile since i've done a photoshoot also. like you all know it's one of my favorite hobbes and i took a break from it to focus on other stuff for awhile. but i wanted to shoot to just work on my facials and some different random looks for some up and coming projects i need to KILL this summer. and of course Larry was the first i wanted to shoot with and he as always did an amazing job with the captures. i also had my sister come to the shoot with me and style me so this just turned out to be an all around different, awesome, fun shoot. anyway, enough blabbering. check out the shoot with Larry below and don't forget to leave me a comment & subscribe 💋

Photographer: Larry McGee
His Instagram: larry.129
My Instagram: emmabossi
Stylist: GwenGlamorous

Hair (only for the Goddess Locs rest were wigs): Tiny Ego

click below to see the rest