Yermin Korean BBQ

For Nnekas bday dinner since none of us has ever been to a Korean BBQ. We decided this would be a good idea to try it out for tonight. It seemed like something that was classy, different, and fun. 

When we got there we went pretty confused to how things worked because it was all new to us. The waiter eventually explained that it was all you can eat for 3 hours. Where you pick a menu, order 4 things from that menu's section, once you eat most of what you ordered, you pick out 4 more. And you can also get your sides. We each got the same menu and picked something different from them all. They brought it to us and than we made it ourselves and each made a plate. It was a bit difficult to figure everything out, but we eventually got it. It was an amazing experience to me and I think it was the perfect, different, and just a very interacting Bday dinner. wish i was hungrier to eat more, or didn't care to have a food baby lol. but overall it was fun. i liked that you kinda just do your own thing, create your own flavors, and make your own dishes right in front of yourself.

Rate: 4: i gave it an 4 because although it was super good and fun. the waiters were a bit distance. our 1st once couldn't really speak english so we kinda sat there confused on how it all rally worked until another one came and explained it a little better until we eventually figured things out on our own. All in all i think this is a great place for a dinner. (not sure if its a good place for a bday one because they couldn't sing happy birthday or bring any kinda dessert 🙄) but experience wise, it was awesome.

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