Surprise Visit

so this weekend ended up being the last weekend that my dads sister was in town until she headed back to Nigeria. it being that, me and my sister thought it would be an awesome idea to go and surprise them in Michigan. (i ruined it by telling my mom and siblings. was wayyy too excited to go home lol). it was nice seeing, talking and just learning more about who i am, who my dad is, his family is and everything else she let us know. its like after seeing my aunt on my moms side during my graduation, i just got a whole different need to learn more about "my people". growing up in the U.S. and not being back home made me realize that theres so many people i call family, so much i don't really know about them. and tbh now that i'm older i'm just more interested.

Fun Fact: they really respected my grandpa. he was the 1st to build a more than 1 story home in his village. little things like that are so interesting to me. in 2018, even if i have to go alone (lol) I WILL go visit and see all of my family. its time to get to know each and every one of them 💞

also loved the trip because i was able to finally purchase a car, and have my little sis come stay with us for a little bit this summer 🤗

it was also a really awesome visit because since my brother volunteres at Sparror Hospital he gets free tickets to the MSU game and decided to take me instead of his freind. we meant up and tailgated with Mocha (after driving looking for parking. always forget how big that school is lol) and than went into the game. MSU won btw 😜
after the game we went bowling with Mocha and Marie. i swear its never a trip home without seeing or these 2. my sisters from another 💞. Mocha brought us the randomest, cutest gift box. with all of me and nnekas fav's and a thank you card for being an awesome friend. despite the night not going like i wanted it too, just seeing them and reading her card literlly made me so happy. honestly loveeee the people close to me.
and than of course an awesome sunday at Mt. Hope Church and family pictures after.
all the way from Naija. thank you <3
and of course can't leave without seeing my babies again.

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