LA Gwens Bday Weekend

So as always, it’s been awhile. 😅
I was on a longgggg break away from blogging. but i think its time i stop paying attention to all the negativity and get back to one of my fav hobbies.

Anyways, enough of that mushy stuff lol. This weekend me and my sis headed to L.A. to celebrate her bday weekend. My cousin recently moved so it was like another girls trip for us too. Before getting to Los Angeles I really didn’t get as excited as I usually am when getting a chance to get away. I lost my I.D a couple weeks ago and truthfully wasn’t even sure if they would let me fly lol. Especially with all the stuff on the news. I thought they would’ve been super strict, but I still had a lil faith and guess what THEY LET ME FLY 🤗

Day 1:
When we got to la, my cousin picked us up and the weekend officially begun. Her new place was so gorg and was in the perfect location. The first day we went to the Grand Central Market and than walked around the shopping district. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and we even walked in on a live show of someone doing all kinds of flips on a string thingy. (Lol I have no clue what it’s called. I’ll definitely start vlogging my trips next time so you guys can have visuals). But it was pretty cool to walk and just see something so unique like that. When we got back we decided to head to a hookah lounge and just chill that night since we were just getting in and the 3hr time change just made us a bit exhausted. On our way back we ended up getting tacos from a food truck. It was really one of the best chicken and steak tacos I’ve had. I even went back another night (looked for it the other 2 nights we were there, but didn’t see them lol). Place was amazing guys. It was a food truck called Taco Juanita for anyone in l.a. 
Day 2:
So day 2 we got up, got dressed and headed to run some errands. After that we all were pretty much starving and went to try out Roscos Chicken and Waffles. Even though I tried it last year (same location actually) this time it was so much better. And my corn bread wasn’t as hard as a rock this time too 😩🙌🏾😂lol. We did some site seeing and than went and got gifts for the Hurricane Harvey Fundraising event. The event was SO MUCH FUN. Although I felt over dressed because everyone was to “hipstery” (if that’s even a word lol). It was still awesome vibes, with awesome girl performers, girl dj’s and girl dancers. We meant a couple dancers that danced on E, and one that was on Growing Up Hollywood. Everyone just had super chill vibes and it was just a fun atmosphere. 
Day 3:
After the night before and still not quite used to the jet lag, we were all pretty pooped. So we decided to head to brunch. Even though we waited almost an hour and a half (they did end up giving us free rolls to make up for it. And it definitely did 😋) to sit down. We were so happy we didn’t leave though, because the place was AMAZING. click here to check it out in details. When brunch ended, we headed off to the beach. While we were walking around, we ran into some kinda festival. Idk what it was for or honestly what was going on. But there was dancing music and good vibes. Just going up to the front and dancing like no one was watching reminded me of the old me. I’ve always been super bubbly personality and try to make friends anywhere and lately just been caring way too much about others opinions. Dancing like that gave me a feeling I haven’t felt in awhile and I really intend on keeping that feeling. Which is what I was there for. I even got a chance to try the loaded corn on the cob stuff I see on all my Cali snapper pages. It was a bit much. But still super delicious. Later on that night it was my boo’s bday so of course we had to step out. Our plans didn’t go as planned but we still had a good night and ended it laughing so it was all that mattered. 
Day 4:
We woke up pretty late today. We went to a New York Style pizzeria called King of New York. It was pretty laid back in there. But the pizza’s were pretty good. I’ve never had New York style Pizza. But I definitely know why you guys eat it like a hot dog. Was pretty difficult trying to eat the big slices normally lol. We roamed around while we waited for my cousin to get out of her meeting. And ended up finding the fruit bowl with lemon spice that everyone also eats in L.A. it was pretty good to me because all the fruit tasted so fresh. Especially the mangos. It was difficult to get the order correct because the workers didn’t speak English at all. Me and my sis had to google “less watermelon” in Spanish just so she could take some out Lol. That night we headed to all of our 1st Korean BBQ. I kept looking at my sisters face and I knew it was the perfect place. Click here to check out the pics and my review though :D 
Anyway that night we ended up going to a reggae night spot and just having a good night. With it being her bday, everyone showed us love. And she got so many shots. And we ended the night with nothing but laughs lol. 
click here to check out my full dinner outfit :D
Day 5:
So it’s our last day and we all are pooped lol. It was a struggle to get up. So we slept in super late today. And than forced ourselves to get up and head out. Our 1st stop was In and Out. I’ve never been but always hear so much about it. I’m not sure if it was because I was starving, but there burger was so good. It hit every spot I needed it too 🤗. Once we ate, we went to Run Canyon to climb the mountain and see the views. We didn’t even have to get all the way to the top to see some amazing views. But once we did get to the top, it was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. You could see most of Los Angeles and felt like you were on top of the world. From the houses on the hills, to seeing every part of the city. It was definitely worth the climb. When we got back we chilled for a little bit. And since it was our last night in town we went to see walk around Hollywood. We saw so many starts and so many shops with Different things. Before heading back to call it a night we stopped at BWW to grab some food. 

Day 6:
So our trip is over and we get up just in time to clean up, and head to the airport. L.A is always fun to me. Wether it’s just walking around and finding random fun or planning stuff out. Will of course be back. So until next time Los Angeles. 💕

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