Jefe's Tacos and Tequilla

so me and my sis decided to live our best caucasian lives again (that saying cracks me up 😂) and head to brunch after church. we yelped and found this place called Jefes Tacos & Tequilas and decided to give it a try. it did not dissapoint at all. i ordered the Jefe Burrito, in steak and it honestly was so good. i think with my secret obsession for burritos this place is for sure going at the top of my list. what made the burrito so different to me was what they put in it called creme. it just made the burrito stand out. because it just gave it so much extra flavor. i would say to check Jefes out because right when you walk in the atmosphere: was chilled, now good music, everyone looked like they came to enjoy. we sat outside there weren't any bugs coming to your food really, tons of seating, the people: waiter was on time, came to refill our drinks even when it was half way, super friendly, made sure everything was right, checked on us constantly and than 
to the food: hot, so much flavor, filling, and the appearance actually matched what was you tasted. it looked and was delicious. 

Rate: 5
Recommend: Yes, definitely reccomend. especially for an after church brunch spot. bottomless mimosas are only $20 until 3pm ( your welcome 😉)

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