Eat This Cafe

i don't even know were to start. when we first were searching brunch spots. i saw this place and everything looking amazing and suggested it. they didn't do reservations and when we came we stated we needed a table for 3 instead of 5. so it took us about 1 hour+ to get seated. at first we were all pretty annoyed. but at the same time they gave us free cinnamon rolls to make up for it. and it definitely did. when we got seated, we all made our orders. there menu was nothing over 20+ and everything was honestly so delicious. from the fresh fruit, to the aged cheese, to the potatoes, to the spicy ketchup. the coffee was even good guys lol. if i could've went back every morning i probably would have. 

Rate: 5 (on everything tbh)
Yelp Review: click here


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