after bike riding we finally got a chance to go and check out Minero's Restaurant at the Ponce City Market. its was actually pretty random how we stumbled on this place. we were honestly juts so hungry after being in the hot sun trying to teach someone how to ride a bike. we came into the Ponce Market (it being my 1st time) there was people everywhere and different places to eat everywhere. i got so excited, because i loveee food 😜. we walked around glancing at the menu's. (they had all of them in front of the restaurants so you can have an idea of whats on the menu and want to order.) we chose this place because as soon as we walked in i noticed this man with a burrito and it looks really good. and it definitely WAS. the churro, burrito and even the dip was super good.  i would recommend this place because even though it was just a burrito, it was tons of food and very flavorful and filling. i couldn't even finish it tbh. i would more recommend the location because just the atmosphere in the Ponce Market was uplifting. 

Rate: 4

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