Agave Restaurant

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 5
Review: another awesome recommendation. this place was one of the places I saw on groupon. it had a code for an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert (we just got 2 appetizers) for less than $50!! i know you guys love the reveiws with the groupons, but this one ran out by the time i posted this 😰. i was lowkey sad cause i wanted to go back lol.

but onto the review. everything had so much flavor here. it was a kinda hidden little place, but the inside you could tell just had great food. there was people, dimmed lights, and chill dinner vibes. we got to sit at the topish overlooking the restaurant so it was super nice and chilled. the food was really good. i had the potato meal and it is something i definitely recommend. not too filling, but with dinners like these i don't think you would want to be stuffing your face anyway lol.

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