Zoo Trip

got an awesome chance to go to the zoo today with Lighthouse Academies summer school students. and honestly even though i had to yell a few times, break up student fighting, couldn't get to feed the giraffes (because if i did, everyone would have wanted too. especially the kids lol). it was actually a lot of fun. i haven't been to the Atlanta zoo since moving, so it was a fun day for me too.
check out the pictures from the day below.

it was a really really hot day so to me it felt like the animals were a bit lazier and just wanted to be in the shade, and there wasn't as many "bad smells" like i thought it would be. many workers were there to explain anything you had questions on. i would say its not the best zoo i've been too. but it was definitely an experience. not sure if i'll go with a group of kids again though lol.

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