The Breakfast Club

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 5
Price: $13.95
Reccomand: Yes

so i finally got a chance to check out the talked about Atlanta Breakfast Club. when we got there it was already pretty packed. so in my head i figured they had pretty good food lol. we ordered and i turned and they had a chalk board where you were able to go up and write something on it. me and my lil sis went and wrote down own insta/snap handles: emmabossi. after the drinks were on the table and i went to the restroom. (idk if this is the norm), but someone held the restroom door open for me while i walked it. i thought that was super nice!! our waiter was actually also really nice and recommended what was the "top pics there" i ordered the fried shrimp and grits and it was DELICIOUS. it was perfectly seasoned, the shrimp perfectly fried, a good portion, and just all around GOOD. i would defiantly recommend this place when your in Atlanta. i think its more of a tourist spot because its right across the Georgia Aquarium in west midtown. 

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