Sweet Auburn Seafood

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 1 (Crab Cakes) & 5 (Lobster Pot Pie)
Price: $27
Recommend: Yes

 so clearly i was craving seafood all weekend lol. for dinner we went down to Edgewood and tried this place called Sweet Auburn Seafood. it was surprisingly packed in there and we waited a good 30-40 minutes just to be seated. (you can sit at the bar and wait. we sat and ordered a couple drinks, and nachos to share). when we got our seats i . quickly saw crab cakes on the menu and immediately went for that. i figured that since the place was so packed that there food must have been super good too. and after taking a bite of the crab cake. i was very....disappointed. i hated it actually. i'm very picky about crab cakes so it just wasn't doing it for me. i tried some of my sisters Lobster Pop Pie and FELL IN LOVE. i hurried and got the waiter and had her take my crab cakes back and got the Lobster Pot Pie. (always hate doing this, but i wasn't going to force myself to eat the crab cakes.) anyway...lol. the pot pie was super delicious and i honestly recommend that if you ever go to this restaurant. like its the #1 think i think you need to try. some days i actually find myself wanting to go there and just order like 5 of it lol. i think i'll actually try cooking it though first. but all in all. this review wouldn't have been a good one at all if it wasn't for switching my order.

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