Protective Style: Cornrows

guess what guys? i decided to do another protective style!! :D 
so basically i still wanted my hair to take a breather. so i decided to do another protective style, cornrows. i was a little hesitant in trying this style because personally i think i have super chubby cheeks. so styles were my hair has to go all the way back, short, or not visible at all, just has never been my thing lol. but i decided to try it anyway. just because it was something i wasn't used too, it wouldn't be as heavy as braids and just a little different. 

Don't Forget to check out Admire's Hair Instagram Page to see more of her work :D admireyourcrown

Price (also including hair): $75
Hair Price (color 1B and I got and used about 2 packs): $4.99+tax

Edge Control Price: $4

More Pictures of the hair below.

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  1. and this is with relaxed hair. nnice


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