Michigan for Ami Graduation

so this has to be one of my FAVORITE weekends out of the year. me and my sis haven't been home since last year thanksgiving. so much has happened from that time until now. and when i say that this weekend was needed. it WAS NEEDED. 

we woke up and i took Ami to go get her nails done for her graduation. when we came back ma was cooking and the house just smelled amazing. even though i was the last to get ready for the graduation, we made it just on time. watched her walk across the stage. came home and ijeoma gave us our Christmas gifts. everyone came over, we ate, played family games, talked, laughed, and idk i was just so happy. coming home (Michigan) has always made my mood change al the way around. so i just felt myself finally getting back to normal. the next day we went to church, it was an amazing message. we ate some more, and relaxed. we ended up staying another day and i'm so happy we did. because i ended up getting a car that day. and that was just the icing to the cake for me. it was just an all around PERFECT weekend with the family <3

check out the rest of the pictures from the weekend, below.

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