hey guys. hope you are all doing amazing ☺️☺️. 
so let me begin by saying besides the point that i felt like i needed some fun. me and my sister haven't done anything fun together in soo long. so today i decided to book us a Kickboxing class at Atlanta Kick and than go get a bite to eat. so thats exactly what we did. (we also went apt hunting and think we saw one that fits us perfectly. but thats for another blog post :D)


we came separately, so when i first arrived to the building. (btw you defiantly want to come at least 15 minutes early, because there is a little paper you fill out. and you can also be able to ask questions on how things will go.) it was in a perfect location, that was kind f hidden near the Buckhead area, in Atlanta. i drove down, parked and headed in the building. as i walked in the building, there were other stores, and things before getting to were Kick Atlanta was located. i couldn't help but notice that there was a gorgeous art museum (which i def. plan to check out this summer) located before the Atlanta Kick area. i got to were Atlanta Kick was, went in, than checked in. i sat and waited for my sis. than went to pick up my gloves (when i tried the gloves on, i was really nervous because i thought i would break a nail i know, i'm such a girl lol, but i didn't at all :D), and an area on the matte. we did a warm up stretch and warm up in the beginning. after the warm up stretch, everything after that was literally NON STOP. after the warm up stretch, we went straight into a warm up, were we couldn't stop moving. at all. and after that, we went into kickboxing, cardio, abs, swats, just the whole workout. the class was a total of 45 minutes class long and we didn't even get a water break 😅. i honestly thought i was going to pass out at some point, especially when we had to do push ups lol. me and my sis were the only new members that were in this class, so i just kept looking at her like "wait were not really getting a break." and she was looking at me like "why did you make me do this?" lol. but in the end, we made it. personally, besides the push ups part, i think i did pretty good. way better than i thought i would do. like as hard as it was, it was an amazing experience, we burned 500+ calories, a new experience, and got an awesome workout. 

i would defiantly recommend everyone to take a kickboxing class. especially if you feel frustrated with someone. no i'm not saying hitting someone or drop kicking them is what you should do in real life, or at all. but during the class, i envisioned my punching bag to be a representation of the lady that stole my phone and the guys that stole my car. with the bag representing them, i do feel like i was able to give my all and put a lot more force into my punches. and at the end, that gave me an even better workout. so if that tip will help, i say why not? again i DO NOT recommend fighting, but definitely recommend having your punching bag represent something in your class. 

Rate: 10!!

Location: Atlanta Kick in Atlanta, GA
Classes Offered: Kickboxing, CrossFit, Kettlebell, Martial Arts, and Aerial Skills
btw guys, the first class is free when you click on this link: click here

Do't forget to check out the pictures below. we couldn't take much because the class happened pretty fast, with no breaks as stated. but also check out were we went to eat after. place was super good guys!! click here: Corner Bakery Cafe

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