Corner Bakery Cafe

Location: Atlanta (Midtown), GA
Rate: 5
Price: Pasta $9, Salade $3, Coffee $2
Recommend: yes

so after kickboxing. we yelped some brunch places, and found one with some pretty good reviews and it was close to the kickboxing location. when we got there, they did say that they were done serving breakfast food. so we just ordered from the lunch menu. the location of this place is soo gorgeous. walking up to the door is just super elegant. and you see all the beautiful scenery that atlanta has to offer. there menu reminded me of Panera Breads menu. affordable, but with a lot of options. me and my sis ordered pastas, salads, and drinks. and everything was a total of $28. so the prices were pretty low too.

after we ordered and payed. we got to go and pick our own seating and put our orders number on the table. and when our food arrived. it was honestly the cutest thing lol. the lady that brought us our food, conversed with us, and than gave me and my sis a big hug. as if she knew us lol. she said she could tell we weren't from atlanta and just wanted to show us some love. (she was like it to almost everyone, so no it wasn't creepy at all) just really nice. she than left and we dug in. my pasta was called the Pesto Cavatappi. and i think it was so delicious. its one of the best pasta's i've had in awhile tbh. they give you a very large portion (for the price) and you get to refill on your drinks. i would say if your in the mood for a chilled place, with amazing scenery, and good food. you should defiantly stop by here.

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