ToSave Blog Collaboration

hey guys. so i've been meaning to post this specific post for awhile. i've partnered up with this site called for my first official blog collaboration:D I liked that they reached out to me because I LOVE to dress super cute, but always love a good deal and just shopping smart. 
This site definitely has all of that to offer. It brings you guys an amazing and affordable way to shop, for literally anything. This site has super good deals on tons of stuff and by using my code (listed below) your also able to save 5% on all your orders!! 
They have Fashion, Clothing, Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Cell Phones, Health/Beauty Products, Home/Gardening Products, Lighting Products, Computers/Tablets, Electronics, Automobiles/Motorcycle Products, Hobbies, Toys, Sports Products, Wedding and even Business Products. 

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Memorial Day

decided to step out for memorial day. ran into a few people. fun night <3
for close ups on my makeup look: click here

Memorial Day Makeup Look

some selfies of my makeup look on Memorial Day. 

Baraka Shawarma

Location: Atlanta (Downtown), GA
Rate: 3
Price: Chicken Shawarma Plate $8.99, Baklava $1.99
Recommend: yes

so after going downtown. me and my sis went to try out this new place. we saw it on yelp and than decided to try it. we were the only ones here and the owner was super friendly. the food was good, and the dessert was good also, but not something i was used to. the menu is super affordable and its not a long walk from the Centennial Olympic Park.

Summer Chill Day Look

so after realizing that i barely do any fashion looks on my blog, i think that i'll start working on that more. so for this post, i'll add details of a simple everyday summer look.
Dress: click here
Jean Jacket: click here (sold out :-/ but you can get something similar for the same look)
Flip Flops: click here

Random At Home Photoshoot

decided to do a random shoot at home lol. hope you all enjoy it 💕
makeup by: Dora Ebosi
for makeup details on this video: click here

Before and After

been waiting to do this post for so long lol. ijeoma was finally able to bless my face again when we went home. and this time, we got it on camera. (link below)

Michigan for Ami Graduation

so this has to be one of my FAVORITE weekends out of the year. me and my sis haven't been home since last year thanksgiving. so much has happened from that time until now. and when i say that this weekend was needed. it WAS NEEDED. 

Random Night Out

so this night was actually so random lol. whenever i do a new hair style. i always feel the need to beat my face the next day. even if i'm not doing anything, smh. so today i beat my face, and went and grabbed some food for me and my sis. when she came home, we than decided to head out and just have a ladies night. it turned out to be so much fun. anyway check out my makeup for this night :D

Goddess Faux Locs

so i have been wanting to try this style for soooo long. and finally decided to try it out. we did the crotchet method and it turned out so good. i had so much fun with them :D


hey guys. hope you are all doing amazing ☺️☺️. 
so let me begin by saying besides the point that i felt like i needed some fun. me and my sister haven't done anything fun together in soo long. so today i decided to book us a Kickboxing class at Atlanta Kick and than go get a bite to eat. so thats exactly what we did. (we also went apt hunting and think we saw one that fits us perfectly. but thats for another blog post :D)

Corner Bakery Cafe

Location: Atlanta (Midtown), GA
Rate: 5
Price: Pasta $9, Salade $3, Coffee $2
Recommend: yes

Protective Style: Cornrows

guess what guys? i decided to do another protective style!! :D 
so basically i still wanted my hair to take a breather. so i decided to do another protective style, cornrows. i was a little hesitant in trying this style because personally i think i have super chubby cheeks. so styles were my hair has to go all the way back, short, or not visible at all, just has never been my thing lol. but i decided to try it anyway. just because it was something i wasn't used too, it wouldn't be as heavy as braids and just a little different. 

Don't Forget to check out Admire's Hair Instagram Page to see more of her work :D admireyourcrown

Price (also including hair): $75