Steak Night

so today i decided to try to make something new for dinner. i wanted to learn how to make a perfect steak. one that was medium well, seasoned and just had a lot of flavor. and i think i defiantly accomplished that tonight 😏 

i paired my meal with yellow rice, and green beans. if you try this receipt you'll definitely have an amazing steak dinner. below are the step by step directions and some pictures of before, during, and after the meal is done. hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did:

1.) Items Needed: 
   - Ribeye Steak
     * Mine were medium size
     * Made 2, but make as many as your serving
   - Seasoned Salt
   - Ground Pepper
   - Chili Powder
   - Cayenne Pepper
   - Garlic Paste
   - Olive Oil
2.) Before:
    - Clean Steak
     * I always clean any meat i cook
     * Grab seasonings
     * Grab sides
   - Season: Rib Eye Rub
     * In a smal bowl, add all the seasonings listed above
     * Mix
     * Season both sides of steak throughly with your rub
     * Let sit for 10 minutes
3.) Steps:
   - Turn on stove to high heat
     * Add oil
     * Add onions for taste
   - Place seasoned ribeye on a large platter
   - Cook each side for 5 minutes
     * 5 minutes = Medium Well Steak
     * Less if you like rarer steak
     * More if you prefer a more well done steak
   - Take out and serve
   - ENJOY :D

P.S: don't forget to comment below how your receipt turned out and what sides you paired with it :D

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