New Receipt

 so i tried out some new home receipts. the first is stuffed chicken and than i tried making some home made burger. they were so delouse, so i thought to share my receipt. checkout the rest of the post for the pictures and step by step directions :D

Stuffed Chicken:
1.) Items Needed: 
    - Skinless, boneless chicken
     * Mine were medium sized
     * Made 3, but make as many as your serving
    - Carrots
     * Cut into small pieces
    - Basil
     * Cut into small pieces
    - Seasonings
     * I used onion powder, garlic powder, chicken seasoning, seasoning salt, chili powder, cajun       seasoning and a little black pepper
    - Spinach
    - Cheese
     * Colby and Monterey cheese mix
     * Pepper jack
    - Olive oil
    - Sour cream
    - Brocoli
    - Spicy garlic and onion sauce
     * Can be found in a jar
2.) Before:
    - Clean chicken
    - Pick out seasonings
     * Use whichever you prefer your chicken to taste like
     * I like to over season so mine are listed above
    - Cut chicken like a hot dog bun (lol)
    - Preseason chicken
     * Let marinate for at least an hour
     * Set to the side
    - Cut carrots into pieces
     * Can also add other toppings like potatoes, and mushrooms
     * Set to the side
    - Cut basil
     * As small as you can, just looks better and nicer in the end for decoration
     * Set to the side
3.) Steps:
    - Preheat oven to 375 degrees
    - Place the spinach pieces in a bowl and microwave for at least 2 minutes
     * After its done, add in the sour cream, pepper jack cheese and the spicy garlic and onion sauce
     * Stir them all together and set to the side
    - Lay the marinated chicken breast on a clean surface and than add the bowl mixture (from above) in the inside of each chicken breast
    - Place the olive oil on the bottom surface of the bowl
     * Add your chicken and carrots on top
    - Cover with aluminum foil
    - Bake for 35 minutes covered
    - Uncover and add the Colby and Monterey cheese mix than basil on top of the chicken only
    - Bake for another 10 minutes
    - ENJOY :D

1.) Items Needed:
    - Ground Beef
     * Or any meat of your choice
    - Burger Buns
    - Colby and Monterey cheese mix
    - Seasonings
     * Cajun
     * Seasoned Salt
     * Garlic powder
     * Onion powder
     * Pepper
    - Ketchup
    - Mustard
    - Mayonnaise
    - Lettuce
    - Bread
    - Olive Oil
    - Other: I didn't have these items available, but to make your burger taste 10x better i would also suggest
     * Tomato
     * Onion
     * Banana pepper
     * Square cheese (lol)
     * Bacon
     * Or anything else you like on your burgers
2.) Before:
    - Separate your ground beef (or meat of choice) with palm, into the size of your choice
     * Roll meat into a ball
     * Add seasonings to the ball
     * Use hands to squeeze and mix in seasonings
     * Re roll meat into the ball
     * Flatten for burgers appearance
     * Repeat for all burgers
     * Set to the side
   - Mix inside of a small cup
     * Ketchup and mustard
     * Stir
     * Set to side
    - Get buns out
     * On top side of bun, add mayonnaise
     * On bottom bun, add the ketchup and mustard cup mixture
     * Place lettuce on top of the ketchup and mustard mix
     * Keep buns separated
     * Set to the side
3.) Steps:
    - Add oil to pan
     * Let it get hot
    - Add a maximum of 4 meat balls in pan (depending on the size of your pan)
     * Flip and let meat cook evenly and throughly
    - When 98.9% of the meat is cooked
     * Add Colby and Monterey cheese mix to top of meat
     * While its still in pan
      * Once it melts, take out of pan
    - Placed cooked meat on top of lettuce
    - Add toppings of your choice on top of meat
     * Don't forget to add sides
    - ENJOY :D

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