so clearly i've been moody lately lol. but i'm actually loving blogging more and more now a days. its like it used to be for me.

anyway, today seems different. i woke up happy, like really happy and in an awesome mood. despite always having a smile on my face; its been one of the days i woke up completely happy. i haven't really felt like this in so long. all i've been doing for the past few weeks has been praying and praying. and idk i came to realize that nothing lasts forever. even pain or hurt. so today is the first day that i've really sat talked to myself, came up plans to change many things in my life, and just told myself "This is NOT you. STOP letting things change you. stay kind, loving, positive, and happy." i literally repeated this like 50 times and even that just gave me a little boost. lately i feel like all i've been getting is negativity pertaining to me. and i admit, i let it get to me. but what we have to realize is no matter what people think about you or no matter what you did in the past. every day is another day to change that. wake up and be better.

yesterday before sleeping i wrote down some plans and goals for this year, and the next couple years. i feel like if i start placing things in order now, by the time the next couple years come; i will receive nothing but my goals being achieved. so i wrote some personal goals, academic goals, blogging goals, relation (especially fam and friends) goals, brand goals for ego, life goals, and surprisingly a new business goal that i've been wanting to work on. and it just gave me so much hope. it made me happy knowing that no matter what happens in my life i still have so much time to get things right and turn it around. 

i used to believe i had everything i wanted and was on the right path. which i did and i still believe i am. but this year i can honestly say in 3 months a lot has been taking from me. wether its my peace of mind, relationships, joy, happiness, things, or whatever. a lot has changed and is just gone honestly. but how much longer can i be down though? lol. a long time ago i was down for like 2 months and told myself to never revisit that. never let yourself get to the point where your so down you don't even want to eat, laugh, or sleep. always pick yourself up and make plans to towards those things and situations you want to change. i feel like for awhile i've been waiting for things to calm down so i can get a grip on my life. but honestly, life doesn't wait for anyone. YOU have to wake and and decide to change your life and situation. and from today on, its exactly what i'm going to do.

being down is just not for me. like at all lol. whenever i usually am down, i have to hurry up and find something that makes me happy (even if i do it alone) and just change my mood. 

10 Things To Get You Out That Funk:

1.) Spend Time With God: honestly i feel like i could be way worse, or sadder. but reading my bible, scripture, little quotes, praying and just studying the word of God gives me so much peace. this is something i actually need to work on, but when we think about it going onto social media and expressing our problems won't only bring more judgments to you from the outside world. but it'll cause you to have your business out there forever. things online don't really change. so instead of letting the world know. take time and just talk to God. read his words for answers. theres literarily tons of verses and quotes for ANYTHING that your going through in the bible. using that for at least some part of your day and just spending time with God just makes my mood turn completely around.

2.) Positive Memories: so yesterday i randomly thought of last year around this time. so i went and started watching some old videos. i  watched tons of videos of myself doing things, laughing, being goofy, smiling, enjoying life and just being genuinely happy. i missed that feeling. it made me want to get up and go be that person again.

3.) Set New Goals: i talked about this one perviously and setting new goals to me reminds me of my life potential. if you sit and write down everything you want in life, and can list specific steps to those goals, you get excited. you want to start working on those goals and start planning ways to achieve them. idk about you guys but achieving any goal of mine makes me 10x happier. i just feel like the more goals you reach will cause you to receive more good news. and just receiving more good news, will cause you to not think about the bad so much.

4.) Get Up & Do Something: this one is big and so important. to get out a funk you honestly have to get up and try. just try being around happy people no matter your mood. let them rub off on you. try to do things that you enjoyed doing before you got into that "funk". try smiling, bowling, blogging, going to games, hanging with friends, traveling, seeing a funny movie, or whatever it is. it can even be something completely new and different than what your used too. at the end of the day, staying in being down isn't going to make anything better. get up and do something exciting :D

5.) Do Something To Make Others Happy: this one is different. lol, i know. but maybe its just me, but showing random acts of kindness to someone else brings me so much joy. just making people smile really makes me super happy. today as i was walking from the mailbox, this lady was struggling with her groceries. i offered to help. and in return made a new friend in the apt complex, but more importantly i made me feel good. just feel good about myself. they say "whatever karma you give, will always come back to you." so if you do nice things for others when your down. not only should it lift you up, but it should also bring good karma to you. and tbh, that feeling was actually what sparked me to get to my apt, and start working on my goals and ways to be happy. tomorrow (i'll blog about this also) i signed up to volunteer with Hands On Atlanta to help them with there Meals For Kids. something in the past that made me feel good about myself and made me happy was always helping people. wether it was helping build houses in Birmingham with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering for any event, volunteering at Ken-O-Sha diagnostic center, or whatever form of help i gave others. i realized made me feel the best. so do things that will make you but more importantly, others happy.

6.) Look Happy: idk if this was the right choice of words lol. but when i say look happy i mean, look happy. usually for me doing my hair, nails, and makeup makes me feel more confident. and with that confident i always feel good lol. if getting up and getting cute makes you happy. honestly do that every day. the thing is, that might sound so "conceited", but in reality happiness isn't all about 1 aspect. happiness is about a feeling you get. if pampering yourself makes you happy. get up and do it. that little happiness can pave the way to an awesome rest of the day. whenever i dress up i always love and appreciate the compliments i get when i "Look Happy" and it always makes me just smile threw the day. one thing i love doing is telling people what i like about them. wether its there shirt, hair, pants, or whatever. a little compliment can really go a long way to people that are down. so set yourself up to receive good news the whole day.

7.) Block Out Negativity: this is a big one for me. i get so offended, hurt, and pissed when i feel like people have the wrong judgment of me. working on not taking words too serious is one of my goals for the moment. something thats helped me be happier, is blocking those words out. wether that deleting the messages, the person, or the social media. you have to block those things out, in your moment of trying to be happy or honestly, you won't truly be happy. at the end of the day only you and God know exactly what you have been threw in life, and know why you are the way you are and do things the way you do them. not everyone is going to understand or accept that from you. so if your constantly focusing on the negative things people say, than it'll eat you up, you dwell on that, become angry and just focus on that negative thing so much, for really no reason. i'm not saying your supposed to get compliments all the time, but don't focus too much on the bad. what has helped me with this specific part is writing down those opinions, thoughts and judgments, write down ways to work on those things (if you feel there true anyway), and just turn that negative something into something positive. block the negative part out and only read the ways to work on them. that way reading the negative won't effect you and bring you down so much. only looking at positive ways to fix those negative things about you, will not only give you hope that you can change, but it'll let you see that negativity into something that can be beneficial to your life.

8.) Take Care Of Yourself: when i say this is important, its important. when i was down, something i noticed is i stopped doing facials, my makeup, eating less (if at all), and just feel weak. when your down and your body is weak, that can not only be dangerous but it will NOT help you become happier. take care of your health and just make sure your feeling good. it really can help.

9.) Get You Something: this is one of mine because retail therapy always helps me. this weekend i literally plan to spoil myself with some new cloths, shoes, and bags. (well deserved). online shopping for me is really relaxing. and just waiting for something that i know i wanted to arrive in the mail, makes me have something to look forward too and be excited about that day. even if its random small things, get you something you want when your down to keep that mood up for the day.

10.) Acknowledge The Funk: when i say acknowledge it. i mean actually make sure you think about the things that get you to the point of your funk. make sure you think about that problem and find a way to change it. if its something that brings you down, you can't just push it to the side and think it won't effect your life. Something i've learned about myself and others is ignoring things that bring you down is completely useless. we can try to not think of it, but if something is bugging us, its going to be in the back of your head. i'm not sure if i'm getting this point across, but acknowledging situations is completely different from indulging in them. for example i can say someone doesn't like me because of my attitude.

Indulging: i think about it everyday, think i'm the worst person, have an attitude townwards the person, and just escalade and dwell on someone commenting that i have an attitude.
Acknowledging: calm down, ask yourself why the person thinks your attitude is bad, writhe down the situation that caused you to have the attitude or the comment to come about, read it when your calm, write down why it caused you to have an attitude, write down what you can do next time to not get triggered so easily, write down ways to avoid that happening so frequently or again. 

See the difference? you have to Acknowledge the things that get you in a funk to be able to avoid it and just have happier more positive days.

These are the 10 things that i'm personally doing, but if there's any that you guys feel i should add, or that have helped you stay positive, and not in a funk. list them in the comment section for me and everyone else :)

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  1. Claudia UgochikeMarch 8, 2017 at 4:41 PM

    so real and relatable. keep your head up babe. btw eating tons of ice-cream helps me hehe


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