Atlanta International Auto Show

this week Atlanta held there 35th Anniversary Auto, car show. my sister went to it on Thursday and told me about it. so today me and my bf decided to go check it out. i've never really been to a car show, and its been on my bucket list. so this was the perfect time to go and check it out. (was also a plus going with my bf, because he knew so much about cars and i'm learning so much about them through him).

when we arrived and because there ATM machine was down, we ended up getting free admissions :D into the car show. when we walked in it was like a whole room full of different sections of cars. most you could go into, were turned on (no keys to drive of course), and you could just actually experience being in the cars. there was a good amount of people when we went, but it wasn't like we had to wait in line to see the cars. we walked around and checked out most of the cars. i think the only one we missed were the infinity, and special attractions cars. because it was almost time to go by the time we got to those. all the cars were so gorge though, and were 2017's and 2018's year model cars.

Top 5 Fav's from the show were defiantly:
1.) Mercedes-Benz G500
2.) Lexus LC 500
3.) Lincoln Continental
4.) Ford Taurus Sedan
5.) Audi S5 Sportsback

check out some pics from the show below :)

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