Air Dry

so since i'm getting my hair done tomorrow. i decided that it would be a good idea to do a wash, deep condition and letting it air dry. to me its always sounded like a bad idea to blow-dry and straighten (adding head) to your hair before its being braided. i just think braids already cause so much breakage, that if your getting braids, you might as well prevent as much breakage as you can! 

Atlanta International Auto Show

this week Atlanta held there 35th Anniversary Auto, car show. my sister went to it on Thursday and told me about it. so today me and my bf decided to go check it out. i've never really been to a car show, and its been on my bucket list. so this was the perfect time to go and check it out. (was also a plus going with my bf, because he knew so much about cars and i'm learning so much about them through him).

Eight Sushi

Place: Eight Sushi
Location: West Midtown Atlanta
Rate: 5

Another With Marlon

so we pretty much made some magic again lol j/k. but i think for out next shoots i'm going to start doing more actual themes or fashion look books 🤔 hmm we'll see. just stay tuned :D
Photographer: Marlon Sheard
His Instagram: marlonsheardphotography
My Instagram: emmabossi

Hands On Atlanta

so last Thursday i volunteered to go and help out Hands On Atlanta. they are pretty much an organization who's mission is to "We tackle Greater Atlanta's most pressing needs by igniting a passion for service and creating lifelong community volunteers." last post i spoke about how helping usually makes me feel a lot better. so i decided to volunteer with them from 10am-2p. (i'll be honest, i stayed until like 1:20, was starvingggg lol). but when i arrived. i clicked up with two ladies who have been volunteering with them for the last couple of days. they filled me in on what we were doing for the day. and then we all started working.


so clearly i've been moody lately lol. but i'm actually loving blogging more and more now a days. its like it used to be for me.

anyway, today seems different. i woke up happy, like really happy and in an awesome mood. despite always having a smile on my face; its been one of the days i woke up completely happy. i haven't really felt like this in so long. all i've been doing for the past few weeks has been praying and praying. and idk i came to realize that nothing lasts forever. even pain or hurt. so today is the first day that i've really sat talked to myself, came up plans to change many things in my life, and just told myself "This is NOT you. STOP letting things change you. stay kind, loving, positive, and happy." i literally repeated this like 50 times and even that just gave me a little boost. lately i feel like all i've been getting is negativity pertaining to me. and i admit, i let it get to me. but what we have to realize is no matter what people think about you or no matter what you did in the past. every day is another day to change that. wake up and be better.