so this thanksgiving was really, really special for me because kiki and his lil sister came to spend it with me and my family. just being able to get past that first holiday "meeting" is what i wanted. i don't have too much to write no the day, because i think working on typing more on my more recent blogs is something i need to do, but one thing that i really won't forget about the holiday is my siblings doing there makeup with his sis to make her feel more comfortable, my bf teaching us how to play monopoly and we spending 5 hours on it (lol), going to maries to eat, meeting up with mocha ad gu at the mall, my bf and his sis meeting some of my cousins, and my favorite part is. well i guess i'll start by saying before we eat, me and my siblings started this thing where we have to go around the table and name 3 things that we were thankful for. so anyway, when it got to him, in front of everyone, he said he was thankful for his Golden Baby (a nickname he calls me), that and for me inviting him to his first real thanksgiving. it was so cute lol, but yeah. i think i'll stop there lol. here are some pixies from the day below.

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