Curly Hair

Hey guys. It's been awhile but I finally think I've had this hair in long enough to write a detailed review on it. So my next protective style I tried Malaysian Afro Kinky Curly Hair.

Length: When the hair is straightened it is the length of 26, 28, and 28. 3 bundles should be the minimum for a sew in like this. More if you want it thicker. But with as much leave out and curls with the hair you really don't need a lot.

Color: 1B

Styling: With smaller portions it's easy to style. Before beginning styling. Don't forget to detangle your hair. With working with smaller, pre-made sections. It makes the detangling process easier. So far the styles I know you can try with this hair is all down, two ponytails (with some down or not), a bun or two ponytails  I'm sure if you see other styles you can incorporate it to this Vixen Sew In also.

Likes: What I love about this hair is the many different styles I can wear it in. I had the sewin done in a Vixen Sew In so I can wear this sewin in more than 5+ styles. Something else I like about the sewin is how it's done. By having more leave out done it's easier to shampoo and condition my leave out and the hair underneath the sewin. Instead of struggling with a full head sewed in. When I say it's easier for shampooing and conditioning. You shampoo by reach putting an applicator bottle between your tracks and just squeezing the bottle. With easier application means easier maintenance to your real hair. So since it's easier to oil your scalp, that illuminates the notorious weave itch lol

Dislikes: When you first condition the hair and leave it out for a couple weeks. It can be tangly. But to me it just meant I need to condition my hair again. Lol

Will Do Again: I would definitely install this hair again. From the day I got it done to now I still get tons of compliments on it and only put heat in my hair about once every 2 weeks. And sometimes blow drying takes care of that.

some pics of me with the hair:

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