New Orleans

Day 1: 
me and my sister went on a trip to New Orleans. our first day there were still pretty tired because the night before in Atlanta, we all went out. but the first day after arriving in New Orleans, I went to look around the hotel as Gwen napped. we than got dressed and on our way to the Alligator Tour it started raining and thundering so we decided to not go to it. instead we ended up finding a place to eat  and than we went to this museum called Ogden Museum of Southern Arts. they had a lot of amazing pieces and really talented artistic paintings and pictures from not only students that went to school in New Orleans but also from people around the community. After the museum we were pretty tired because we walked everywhere. so we relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the night.

Day 2: 
during day 2, we woke up fully energized and ready to actually explore New Orleans.  even though I did come earlier in the year, i stayed for like 1 day and didn't get to "explore" and actually see all parts of New Orleans. so when i woke up, we got ready and headed out. we were looking for a mall to buy some things for tonight and ended up stopping by Harrah's casino. Gwen won a few dollars from putting in a dollar. lol. after that we finally found the mall (it was soon hot btw, but the walk there wasn't so bad). i got a dress for tonight and Gwen got some stuff too. we got hungry and stopped by this place called Mike Anderson's on the River and got some pretty good seafood. after that we walked were the statue's and stuff were and headed to Bourbon Street. when we first got there i definitely see what they mean by New Orleans having a certain smell. just smelled like drunk, people and throw up tbh lol. but there were so many drunk people, and so many people doing things tricks for cash. we than went to Bourbon Heat and ate. and than walked around to the different bars and down the Bourbon Street are. there was SO MANY people there. the crowd seemed like a more older adult crowd to me. we saw this dance group that was featured on You Got Served than headed back to the hotel. we than got ready for the night and went out to a club that my friend from New Orleans recommended. it was fun, and they had pretty good music, the only thing was when fast songs came on. all the ladies in New Orleans danced the same kinda way. not sure how to explain it, but it defiantly seemed like a New Orleans dance move because everywhere else I have traveled too I haven't seen that lol.

Day 3: 
on day 3 i woke up before gwen and went to make coffer, than headed to the pool. when i got back to our room, she was finally up and we both headed back to the pool. than we got ready for our day and took the trolly to go view the streets of New Orleans. the agriculture of the houses there were absolutely beautiful. walking through the neighborhoods kinda freaked me out, because there were lizards literarily everywhere. some were just chilling,and the others were jumping and running over the sidewalks. from one part of the grass to the other. i was surprised that none actually touched me, because there was so many of them. after looking at some of the scenery we went to eat and headed back to Bourbon Street. we walked around a bit and then ended up spending our last night at this club that stood out to us. it actually turned out to be a really fun night. a girl bought me a drink because she accidentally dropped hers on my toes and the bar tender gave us some jello shots. it was a nice way to end our last night.
Likes: from the trip i can definitely say i liked New Orleans historical feel. not only the museum, but the houses, and just how unique they looked.
Disliked: the smell; New Orleans smelled way too different for me. when i say like drunk people and throw up, I MEAN IT lol.
Be Back: at the moment (since i have been twice already this year). I'll say no. it was a different experience though.
Advice: know and plan what you want to do in advance. there are some really amazing groupon deals for New Orleans. but we didn't plan the trip correctly. so defiantly rent a car, and do more touristy things in New Orleans.

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