New Orleans Food

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Location: New Orleans
Rate: 9

So me and my sister both got the groupon code. So we were able to get an appetizer, 2 drinks (because we went around happy hour) and ur burger entrees. this place gets a 9 because even though it was bar food/finger food. it was AMAZING. the chicken nachos were really good, and the burger as small as it is in the picture was easy bigger and better than we expected. the reason i didn't give the place a 10 rating is because, the customer service was a bit awkward/weird. but overall defiantly a good place for bar/finger food.

Location: New Orleans
Rate: 6

so after doing some shopping we stopped and grabbed some food at the mall and overall it was good. to me the rice and beans could've used more seasoning. but it was ok

Place: Bourbon Heat
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Rate: 5

so we went to bourbon heat and i ordered the alligator and shrimp pasta. i give this place a 5 because the pasta was wayyyy to over cooked. it was super soft and soggy. it was my first time trying alligator (i will say that it was good, tasted like sausages to me lol). but overall the food and customer 
 service could have been better. what i did like was the outdoor eating. there weren't as many bugs as i thought there would be and they had a live artist singing and playing a few different instruments.

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