July Fourth Weekend

Hey guys. So it probably seems like i've been out so much this month (and its kinda true lol). From birthday events, to Konwree's wedding weekend, to Anneka's grad weekend, and now the 4th of July weekend. This was my weekend to work so as bad as i did want to just chill and sleep this weekend. I couldn't stay in lol. Because Mocha and Ogugua were finally going to visit me in Atlanta :D. We did so much this weekend, and I tried to make sure they had the BEST first time visiting me. Friday Mocha arrived, we went back t the hotel, got ready and headed to XS last minute. Saturday I worked in the morning, than we went to Waffle House to get some breakfast, then we ran some errands, went to the hotel and meant up with Ogugua. We got ready at the hotel (took us so long because we had to shower and of course shit shat lol). But after we got ready we headed to my photographer friend, friends Mansion Pool Party. The house was so beautiful. But the owner was defiantly so much nicer. Idk why I have a perception of people with homes like that to be "rude" or not so friendly. But the vibe was defiantly nice. There was plenty of food and stuff to drink. But we didn't stay too long, because my friend also invited me to his Rooftop Pool party. Which also was beautiful, because it had one of the best views of Atlanta that i've ever seen. We stayed there and took pictures, ate, drank a little and than headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night. Saturday night I had to host my friend J. Skillz birds section at Josephine Lounge. It was so much fun. Even though we all came a late, we still managed to have a really fun time. The next day, we got up and I couldn't make it lol. They went out to the mall, grab food, and the aquarium while i slept in a little, did my makeup and had to head to work. I had to fill in a 3 hour shift that day so it wasn't that bad. After work I picked them up from the Aquarium and we went to get ready for the night. This night was a more "go with the flow" kinda night. And I think I was the only one who had a lot of fun lol. Idk, sometimes i like a little go with the flow, as long as its still fun...Anyway after the whole thing we got back to the hotel and then it was the 4th of July. We got ready, and headed to my friends pool party. It was SOOOOO hot outside that day for some reason lol. But we stayed there until night and actually had a lot of fun. There was food, drinks (finally learned how to play beer pong :p lol), and we all meant a lot of people. After that we ended up heading to Lions and than XS (it probably sounds like we were there all weekend, but hey if its the only fun place. why not? lol). But after XS we went straight to the airport so I can drop Mocha off. Just in time too. 

Overall the weekend was fun to me. I just like goo vibes, laughing and just having fun. And thats exactly how the weekend went. I'm just really happy that they had fun and i can't wait until September when we ALL (all my fav's) can be together and just have a girls weekend for Gwen's birthday. Enjoy the pictures and hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July. Tootles <3

for makeup looks from my July 4th weekend: click here

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