Protective Style Singles Braids

So recently I've been putting a lot of heat on my hair these past few months. So I decided to do another protective style that'll last me at least a couple months to prevent any further damage to my hair. In my last couple of posts i've been getting comments about my edges and needing a closure/frontal and lol, I totally AGREE guys. But when i became natural I literally out NO perm/relaxer in my hair. Until the last Bronner Bros hair show, where the hairstylist that did my hair explained to me that she was putting 'deep' conditioner in my hair. Which ended up burning and i asked her if it ws really conditioner, and she said "Oh, I was relaxing it first." So being natural for almost 4 years now, I totally freaked, and didn't take care of my leave out as I should. So that caused the damaging. Anywaysssss though, I decided to do singles on myself as a protective style. Although in the past i HATED them, I think that me doing them myself caused me to definitely appreciate them more and love them.

-How long did it take?
doing these singles. it took me two days. (many because I ran out of hair, and my hands kept getting sore lol) but the total hours i would say was about: 12hours. i first deep conditioned, split the hair, twisted the parts before braiding and then started braiding.

-Products used?
a conditioner (any will wok though, just keep it moisturized)
Price: depends on the brand you purchase (but should be about $5+)

sprits to keep your real hair from sticking out. or accidentally cutting it
Price: $4.97

weave. i used a synthetic one. theres a lot of controversy about which hair to use, and what texture. personally i think they all work! i used 15 packs in my hair
Price: $.99

brush and comb for detangling
Price: depends on the brand you purchase (but should be about $5+)

and a lighter for burning the ends when your done. (you can also do the hot water treatment: just boil water, braid to the end, dip and leave it in the water for a few minutes and dry it)
Price: $1.00

-How to style?
you can style these braids in many styles. i've done all down, half in a bun and  the back down, all in a bun, braided to the sides and clipped in the back. some pictures are displayed below.

-How to maintain?
how to maintain your hair under is super easy. i don't use shampoo, but i use conditioner (up until where my hair stops) and then rinse it out, use a blow dryer to dry and then i put leave in conditioner on my scalp at night. 

-How long it lasts?
people say it can last up to 90 days (3 months), but i think it all depend on your new growth. i plan on leaving mine in for a couple more weeks and then i'll be taking them out.

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