Home For Konwree's Wedding

going home for Konwree's wedding was defiantly a needed trip. I feel like i've been talking about how excited i was to be one of her bridesmaids in her wedding since she asked me lol. and honestly it was such a beautiful day. from seeing her get her face beat, to crying when she walked down the isle, to crying when her sister and mom gave their speeches. it was just so beautiful. just seeing someone i actually know genuinely happy on her special day just made me so happy. and just also being able to pick up her last minute hair was defiantly the least i could do. like she looked soon gorgeous. it was such an amazing weekend (oh yeah, and i caught the bouquet :D). but the wedding wasn't the only memorable day about the trip home for me. not only did my sister Konwree get married, but i finally introduced someone to my family. knowing how close i am to them, i've never wanted to bring someone that i wasn't for sure that i wasn't going to be with. i was so nervous to for some reason. but he automatically clicked with everyone, and my whole family really liked him. the whole weekend was just AMAZING. check out some of the pictures below from the weekend. 

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