Homemade Egusi with Plantains

so i've been trying to "perfect" my Nigerian cooking skills lol. so today i decided to make Egusi Soup with Fried Plantains.

Ingredients Used: 
* Ground Egusi
* Spinach
* Salt
* Chicken Bouillon Seasoning
* Cajun Seasoning
*Palm Oil
* Onions
* Crayfish
* Peppers
* Goat Meet

Step by Step Directions:
Step 1: Chop up everything you need to cut (so it can be ready)
Step 2: In 1 pot, cook your desired meats and set aside until ready
Step 3: Heat up the palm oil until you see that it is getting hot
Step 4: Add egusi and chicken cubes until you see the oil raising past it
Step 5: Add the rest of your ingredients (spinach, cajun seasoning, onions, crayfish, peppers and all of your assorted desired meats)
Step 6: Let cook until ready. (i also tasted as it cooked to make sure the seasoning was right)
Step 7: ENJOY :D

if you decide to use my receipt or just make egusi a different way, leave a comment and let me know how you make it, or if you tried it my way; what you think.

(i'll also upload the video of how i did it a little later :D)

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