Stay Positive

One thing thats amazing to me is how everything always works itself out. Sometimes not the way you want it to but with prayer, hard work, and staying positive I honestly believe that anyone is capable of accomplishing anything that they want to accomplish.

One thing about myself that I really disliked is that once things don't go my way I get extremely frustrated and feel "stuck". But lately what I've been realizing is that there is another 24hours in a day that you have to change any situation that you are placed in.

By just keeping a positive outlook on life and always thinking that there's always a way/room to change certain things pertaining to your life can make everything your going through a little better. When your positive and stay positive in your mind your always going to expect good health, success, happiness, awesome relationships, and it would all be based on your attitude. Even if your life is nothing like it, by just having that mentality it is bound to happen. Just speaking things into existence will give you that Law of Attraction by your positive thoughts becoming a positive outcome. Which will effect your life, and even people around you.

When people from the outside looking in on my life see and notice this positive mindset that I am trying to have, they never realize that its something i personally work on. When i say i used to get frustrated so much when things don't go my way, i mean it lol. I can be one of the most difficult people to deal with when i'm frustrated and i notice it did effect not only me, but people around me. So once I started developing that "Positive" mindset (still working on it of course) I noticed that more people also noticed that too. Even during photoshoots i always get told about my "energy" and "positivity" ad thats how i usually work with more people, and get to know more people. And believe it or not positivity is very contagious. 

Contagious...It might sound a little silly but just think about when your around someone who is super sad and then that energy drains you to make you sad about something also. Just like that it can happen when your also positive. If people see that your always positive and see that your getting good results in your life it will change there mindset also. I've received many messages lately on how people do notice how positive i am and how it inspires them. 

A Few Examples: 

Just getting messages like this and seeing results in your life will change you even more and make you stay positive. The moral of this blog post is that everyone in life is going through something. Wether it may or may not seem serious to you, its something that they are going through in there life. And even though you might or might not know them personally just having a positive mindset will be contagious to others and will rub off on others. And by believing that everything will work itself out or can be better, will change your whole outlook on life. What we have to remember is that in everyones life nothing is ALWAYS perfect (even Jesus the son of God himself died on the cross!) so yeah, things happen. But what matters is how you deal and handle that situation or the bad moments. You can't let the bad things in life define who you are, or keep your happiness. With a positive mindset, you can achieve anything and change any situation presented to you.

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