Miami Vlog

Hey guys!!
So i decided to post my first vlog :D I decided to post this one first because this was honestly one of my favorite trips. I had so much fun on it and did so many things i had on my bucket list. 

So my favorite part as i mentioned was just being able to cross everything off of my bucket list. From the private helicopter tour ride of Miami to a 3 hour Boat Cruise Dinner to Paddle Boarding. The whole weekend was just extremely fun and being able to spend it with people who you can be yourself around, have fun with and crack up with was just the icing to the cake.

Another thing that I liked was finding out that there are doggy daycare all over the place. I brought Roximus (my dog) on the trip just to end up finding out that pets weren't allowed in the hotel. So after searching on google i found too many sites were people offer to babysit your dog! i ended up taking him to this sweet little girl (who does it for a living, was super close, and had amazing reviews). He stayed the whole 3 nights with her for $15 a night and we got him at the end of the trip. 

What i disliked about the trip was the weather was nice, but just coming out of winter time, I wanted a little more sun Lol.

Another dislike for me was losing my voice. Every night we go out the music is always loud and I like to think i'm Beyonce when I go out and sing every song and always end up losing my voice. lol

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