San Francisco, California

Where: San Francisco, California
Liked: what i liked about the trip was the weather. in Michigan it was snowing like crazy so it was nice to see warm weather. i also liked the view from the hotel, touching all the animals in the aquarium, being in California, exploring and just seeing the other side of the U.S.
Dislike: i would have chose to be on the trip with different people, i also didn't like the fact that i didn't get to do much of what i wanted too, and on the way back there was a snow storm in Michigan so my flight became canceled and i had to spend the night at the Washington D.C. airport with 3 other people on my flight back to Michigan. very interesting experience though.
Again: i wouldn't go again necessarily to San Francisco, I would defiantly go back to California.

For details on my black and white outfit, click here.
For details on my orange and jean outfit, click here.

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