Day 2 of Bible

Come to me:

Matthew 11:28-29 says, “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and i will give you rest. Take me upon you. Let me teach you, because i am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

When the lord shares words with you, that word is active, powerful and it has a mission. Allow his words to minister to you throughout your fast.
  • its possible to listen to the word of God and not believe
  • the same gospel (word of good news) that is being preached to us now, was the same one that has been preached to the people in the past. so if you don’t benefit from the word of God, someone else will!
  • the word of God is a gps and guidance to the Lord. he will speak to you through his word.
  • "by the end of the year, if you saw that his promises didn’t come true its not because God didn’t keep his word, you just didn’t follow his command fully."

A year of Presence: this is a year to be in the Lords presence.
  • being in the Lords presence is like being in a place of perfect peace. 
  • in this place of peace you will experience the luxury of Gods love to you.
  • even when there is trouble all around you, being in the Lords presence will cause those trouble to never be in you.
  • “as you see the things getting darker around you, you will only shine brighter. thats the peace God has for you."

Partnership with the Holy Spirit: in this partnership God will teach you, lead you, and carry a lot of your (bad) weight while you go along for the ride of a lifetime.
  • as you attach yourself to God and as you abide in the Lord, you will be more fruitful (getting more good and helpful results).
  • let the Lords spirit lead you.
  • “ My plan for you has always been that you would be fruitful and multiply.”

Upgrade of Freedom: to walk with God means having to walk away from whatever God doesn’t approve of.
  • God is a simple God. he gives us the exact guidelines (the commandments) in the bible that he wants us to follow. and those are the things that he approves of.
  • by following his commandments he will give us that upgrade of freedom he has for us.
  • you are meant to be free from your past, and the free from the things that have help you captive.
  • this fasting time is a time to be free from all addictions, habits, and bad cycles that keep repeating, and all the things that have been slowing you down.
  • “it is your destiny yo be free! this is the year of no more enemy breaking through your walls.”

Walking in Unity: when you are with the Lord, you are walking in unity.
  • when you walk with the Lord all forms of conflict and disorder will be knocked down. 
  • you can’t walk in disorder when you are with the Lord because the Lord never walked in disorder.
  • “this is the year of walking with the Lord to create greater unity in homes, teams, partnerships and everything you do."

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