Day 1 of Bible


“Announce a time of fasting; call the people together for a solemn meeting. Bring the leaders and all the people of the land into the Temple of the Lord Your God, and cry out to him there.”  Joel 1:14

  • for this fast and for 40 Days. I want to do something different that i think will be beneficial for me. everyone i know is doing some sort of food fasting. but i’ve done those in the past and this year i want to do a 40 day Bible Study Fast. I want to start the year off with getting closer to God and just learning his word more.
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under the heaven."
  • I feel like for this year, its my year of more growth and a year to achieve more of my goals. knowing exactly what i want to achieve in life is amazing and being able to have the opportunity to achieve those things in one year would be amazing also.

When i went home and went to church the pastor gave a message on The Benefits of Fasting, and i honestly thought it was something that not only I but many people should hear.

Benefits of Fasting:
1.) Freedom: during these 40 days: LET GO. 
  • part of your own freedom is letting go of revenge, grudging, and un forgiveness.
  • let go of oppression: keeping something hidden in your mind. (remember what you tolerate will dominate)
  • be free of habits that drive you away from God. if you notice something taking up most of your time (that you could be spending with God, set yourself free from it.)
  • "God has a whole new upgrade of freedom for you after the fast."
2.) Revelation: All things are possible through Christ Jesus.
  • if something in your life is not working out the way you want it to (wether its work, a relationship/relation, car, financial issue, school, etc.) you have to realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • on your worst days you can find yourself agreeing with what the demond's are whispering in your ear. (things that you will never think about on your best days).
  • on our best days we are grateful, but on our worst days (you have to realize that thats when the demond’s start whispering in your ear: which the demond's/enemy does know when your worst days are) you may get a feeling like you a not good enough, wornout, or a giving up feeling. and you might forget about all the possibilities that God can do for you.  
  • just remember its not on our best days that we need God the most, but on our worst days that we do.”
3.) Healing: there’s not only a physical healing during fasting. for most of us theres more of a deeper healing during your fast.
  • dealing with what the enemy throws at you is supposed to be a normal part of life, but its up to you wether you choose to listen to them or not.
  • Mark 1:39 say “So he went into their churches, preaching and driving out demands throughout the whole of the Galilee (now part of Israel)” and most of the people in the churches that jesus was casting the demonds away from were normal people like you and me. 
  • “at the end of the fast you should feel not only a physical healing but also a spiritual one."

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