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Hey loves. As you all know my name is Emma and well, I'm the face behind this blog. A little about me is I was born in Nigeria and moved to the U.S. with my amazing family when I was about 6 years old. We settled in Michigan but after graduating nursing school I moved again to Georgia. And i absolutely loveee it. It was a hard decision, but one I'm still so proud of. Speaking of nursing, everyone gets so lost when they see my blog but I speak about my passion being A Family Nurse Practitioner. The reason I created this blog was to have 1 platform to showcase all the things I love. Because as life keeps going I just believe that we all need our own little outlet to just focus on us. My life can sometimes be so serious, but my blog is meant to show another part besides that seriousness. It will still focus on my life, but also incorporate modeling, food, fashion, makeup looks, hair, travel and to be honest some complete randomness lol. 

When I first created this blog I never thought anyone would be interested or even care to read. But the more I share, the more love and encouragement I receive to keep going. So I'm going to try my best to post weekly. The way I talk/type in my blog is meant to showcase my personality. So I type as if I'm speaking to friends. Lets just say, I leave all the seriousness at work (mostly) lol. 

My goal for this blog is not only for my readers to get to know me, but in each category I just want others to get to know more parts involved with life. Not just mine, but there's as well. For example with Modeling it's not just about showing off my looks. I want people to connect with the photographers. To go and check their art out and to hopefully be interested in either booking there own shoot, supporting them, or just getting the chance to visualize something different they haven't seen before based off of me exposing them to something new. Modeling for me is all about building confidence and feeling yourself. I want my readers to go out and book with who I work with and go out and experience the same feeling. For the Food category I want to show people what restaurants and different kinds of eateries that are out there. In my posts I show them the food, the menu, the prices, I rate the place (from 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the best) give my honest opinion about the place, and I even add the location so you can be able to just click on the word location and it would take you straight to it. I wanted it to be easier for you to go and actually check it out. For the food that I do make, I list the step by step instructions along side with the ingredients to make it as easy as possible to get the same deliciousness. With fashion I give different looks and list the links were I purchased the item (some that are gone, I do find the same item but in a different store to help you guys out). The makeup looks I list exactly what I used and post pictures of the outcome of the look. With this category I am going to start incorporating some videos as well to make achieving the looks a little easier. With Travel, well I just post pictures and tell about the trips. If you have any questions on anything that I did (as in price, location address, etc) please don't ever hesitate to as in the comment section. For hair I usually post different styles that I try and the products I used to achieve that style. Then there's the Life topic. This is where the randomness takes place. It can range from blabbering, to something I did, was involved in, something meaningful, random story times, to literally anything lol. With all that said, go ahead and scroll to the right hand side to follow either through email or by clicking the follow button. And that's pretty much it. Have an awesome day everyone and see you guys on the next posts :D

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