Ken-o-sha Diagnostic Center

Today for clinical me and my group got to attend Ken-o-sha Diagnostic Center. The area that we were  volunteering in was with children who were hearing impaired. This was honestly one of the best experiences that i personally have had in nursing school. Just being around kids who didn't let their "imperfections" get to them was so touching! 

While making the word eggs for my group this little boy came and sat next to me to help me out. I asked him how old he was and he said he was 9 years old. After we talked i continued to write down words on the egg. He kept attempting to pronounce the ones i was writing. The longer harder ones were very difficult for him to pronounce and understand. After he left to play with the other kids. The teacher i was shadowing that day came and told me that when they first discovered the little boys family that he couldn't pronounce any words, was extremely quiet, stayed to himself and never wanted to socialize. But from the time he came to the center his improvements changed drastically.

This was so surprising to me and made me appreciate centers like this. what today has personally taught me is that there are always so much going on in the world that we kind of forget about the important things. 

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