Breakfast To Go

Sophia's again. My favorite order the scrambled eggs, with hash browns, and sausage. decided to also get a side of french toast.

Night Out

stepped out with my sister this weekend. for outfit details click here.

Night Out Outfit Details

my last time going out before my trip. details listed below.
Top: Charlotte Ruse low lace crop top
Skirt: lace skirt
Shoes: Nude heels

Catching Up and Mexican Food

this was so big but so amazing.

Wand It UP

Love My Sis

So I'm back from my little New Years getaway and all I can think about is seeing my sister/best friends face. Something that made me happy was seeing her. Whenever I don't see her for more than 3 days I always have to smother her with hugs and kisses. ☺️☺️ She has honestly been the main person who helps keep me sane. So today what made me happy was seeing my sisters face 😊😘. 

New Years Chicago

Something that made me happy today was waking up early. Just in time to watch the sunset. It was the most beautiful thing ever. It just felt like now that its a new year, that its a new beginning. After watching the sunset, another thing that made me happy was changing my number. No one understands why that part made me so happy but it did! I've been having the same number since the 7th grade! And I always get random calls and texts from people that I no longer have a friendship/relationship with. Or a random happy birthday or happy "holiday" text. Lately i've been going through a "phase". lol. I just want to remove all unnecessary people from my life. So by changing my number, I feel like that was a big step in the right direction. I just felt so free from all of the people that i don't want to talk to, and can focus on the amazing ones i do! :D

Shrimp and Rice

New Year Shopping Look