Never Before Seen

heyyyyyyy. I know, I know. its been awhile. life got pretty busy again, but I had a little time to finally get some blogging done 😊. Lately, things for the outside world have seemed to calmed down so much. as for me, things stayed the same or even got a tad bit more hectic. but I made some time for this post. I'm particularly excited about this one because for a while now I've been trying to find a way to get "caught up" on a lot of my photoshoot blogs. all dating back to last year. I wanted to do it in a way that wasn't going to come off as being too excessive. so, this post is going to include a few shoots in 1 😱.

Usually, when the nice weather comes back, it gets darker later, and you just get an urge to go out and do fun things. That's when I call it my Modeling season. Because when the weather is amazing, I always feel like dressing up and doing my makeup and just being dolled up more. Due to some social distancing and reschedulings of photoshoots this year. It made me want to post a Never Before Seen post to showcase some of 2019's work.

Santorini Taverna

Hey guys, guess who had time to work on a new blog post, meee 😜.
Before I dive in, how's everyone doing? Especially with this whole Corona Virus craziness that's happening? let me know in the comments :D

Now, to dive into this post. It's another restaurant review which seems to be a few of your favorites. This review is about an astounding restaurant called Santorini Taverna. One day last year actually me and a friend decided to go check it out and I'm so happy we did. If you like Greek or Meditarian food this place is surely worth trying.

2020 "Goals"

Hey guys, can you really believe we’re in a new decade? Honestly, I’m shocked but so excited at the same time. My year started off shaky, but I'm really convinced that these next 10 will be nothing but awesome!! We're some days into 2020. So now that it's really official, I thought it'll be the perfect time to share a new post. New year, same me, but with some changes.