New Receipts

a few dishes i've cooked recently. didn't get a chance to write down any of these receipts. but i'll defiantly do an updated blog on each one. especially the mac and cheese. was the 1st time i think i made it perfectly.

Movie Night Makeup Look

today i decided to do my makeup for no reason lol. after me and my sissy decided to go see Blade Runner. tbh the movie was good, but confusing. i think i need to see it again to fully understand. but anyway checkout the random pixies below. (tried some glitter and white liner)

Last Min Shoot Makeup

got to do a last minute eye wear shoot with Model Wear mag. (checkout below to see my muse for this makeup recreation) tried to do the orange/purple smokey eye. and i LOVE how it turned out. 

Cheer Up

so far its been a longgg week. decided to go cheer up a little bit. some pixies below. (btw i did this makeup look in less than 20 minutes :D)